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Questions on Magick

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Questions on Magick
Post # 1
Hello and Merry Meet everyone!

Though I have been in practice for an on/off seven years, I have returned recently and now I have confusion. I woke up this morning in grief of personal problems, but then I started to ponder magick as a topic aside from sadness. If you take a deeper look, past the beautiful reflection in magick's water, isn't magick just pure manipulation? How can it do good for people to manipulate something so they receive something or someone they want? What's the difference between ceremonial magick and everyday casual magick? And, is there a way to apply your daily emotions and spiritual needs into homemade ceremonial magick ritual? Please help. I need to be reinformed of this truth.
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Re: Questions on Magick
Post # 2
Some Magick can be manipulative, but mostly its not. Magic is working with energy, not to get what you want. For example, If you were to say Love spells were manipulative, most people on this site would agree. Love spells often go wrong, and have terrible consequences on the caster. Good spell casters know that there is always a consequence. If you put out bad energy, you receive bad energy. If you put out good energy, you receive good energy. Most of the good spells don't have anything to do with other people, just the caster.
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Re: Questions on Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 3
interesting question. magic really is intent, it's a neutral force that we make positive or negative. i do agree manipulating a person to love you or do something for you is bad. health spells work similar, you think you're doing good by helping a loved one, but maybe they didn't want you to cast a spell on them because they think it's bad, once again, you've done what you wanted and not them, so it's negative. you need to reflect and think about it before ever casting.

what would make a spell positive and not manipulative is if you cast, say a love spell, asking for new love to find you. you don't have anyone in mind, but you are already destined to meet this person, so you're speeding it up.

i don't want to say magic is pure manipulation, i look at it as more you pushing fate a bit faster in a direction. we walk a winding path full of forks, magic can very quickly change our path. let's say you healed your friend, but you did it without their permission, your positive spell would be more negative because you're imposing your will onto them. as a result you get sick [call it karma] you can't go to this concert [example] you were planning on going to, so you give up your ticket to your friend who meets someone at the concert [who fate had you to meet, but since you meddled, you changed your fate] and they [your friend and the person] begin dating. fate has a way of evening things out in my opinion at least. hope that explained things and didn't just confuse lol.

you should meditate on your feelings, see if the answers come to you. magic isn't something to play with, so it's very wise to be asking questions. myself, i only cast when things get really bad for me. there have been times where i've wanted to cast in the heat of the moment, but i choose to wait a few days to think about it. i have a few spells that call for casting at very specific times. [like a saturday 3 days after a full moon]
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Re: Questions on Magick
Post # 4
I still feel confused about this. :(
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