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Spirit dreams

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Spirit dreams
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Spirit dreams
Post # 1
I had a dream that i was around alot of people and that i was just walking around and that everyone was freaking out becuase something that they couldn't see was following them.I kept trying to see what was scaring people and after concertraiting a boy about 6 with curly blonde hair and green eyes (a ghost/spirit) appered. He was friendly and i became friends with him even though i was the only one that could see him. I felt like i had to protect him. Any ideas what this could mean?>
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Re: Spirit dreams
Post # 2

You might be asking the wrong person this question. You know yourself better then anyone on this site ever will. You will be the one who will be able to answer what your dreams mean; not us.

However, there is also a dream interpreter on this site if you click on the fortunes tab.

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Re: Spirit dreams
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You could take it as a situation. You saw something that no one else did. You could also take different things as symbols. This boy is dead, which can often symbolize something that used to be. You were the only one to see this, so it could mean that everyone else is forgetting something that you remember. It is true that you can interpret your dream better then anybody else, but my help is always a hit or miss. Hope I helped in some way.
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Re: Spirit dreams
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I've said this many times, most children spirits are not children. Nature spirits tend to look like children because they appear youthful and tend to be between 3-4 feet in height. Their eyes give you an indication of their nature. As the old saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Since they were green, I would assume he is benevolent. The blonde hair reminds me of the description I've read of light elves recently, although I've never personally worked with them and can't tell you first hand.

But being good doesn't necessarily mean innocent and just because they look like children doesn't make them naive or unintelligent. Most nature spirits are mischievious and very smart. This one obviously wanted to let you know he is around and wants to be your friend. Make sure if you do go ahead with contacting him and making friends, you have a good sense of humor and don't scold him like a child. Remember he is much older than you and deserves respect no matter what. He may do things just for entertainment that is harmless but annoying if not laughed off. I personally try to avoid nature spirits, as they can be hard to handle. The little ones tend to have a five year olds personality with the wisdom of a hundreds of years.

My daughter attracts the tiny ones, I was always skeptical about their existence until she was born. But I can't deny it anymore. It didn't suprise me when she instantly became obsessed with the image of fairies from the age of two on, even before she saw Tinkerbell or Winx. As an infant, she would giggle loudly and randomly when I would turn away, and when I looked back, I wouldn't see a darn thing! Enough to make you feel like your going crazy. Sometimes I'll fall asleep at night and hear the sound of a child giggling. Its become the norm around here. My husband and I have just accepted it. Lol
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