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How to make L rods

Forums ► Misc Topics ► How to make L rods
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How to make L rods
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
First of all i am going to explain a bit about so called L rods .
L rods are tools that we use for dowsing .
Dowsing is form of divination which allows you basicly to amplify the messages of the subconscious in order to find something or to find the answer of a question .

Proper L rods are somehow expensive ,however you can make yourself L rods whith which you can practice ,untill you can purchase the proper ones .

You will need .

2 metal coathangers ( i would prefer to use copper as good energy aplifier and conductor ).

1 wire cutter (any tool that can cut clean and safely metal wire ).

Two casings (tubes) made out of drinking straws ( you can use bamboo ,or old ball pens' parts .)


Optional: needle nose pliers .

Masking tape or any kind of tape which you can wrap around the wire .That is optional ,however you better make sure to avoid poking someone in the eyes with your rods (accidents happen ).


Take the coathanger and make a nice clean cut near to the hook ,then repeat cutting next to the opposite shoulder of the hanger .Remember you are looking to create L shape tool with one shorted shoulder and one longer .Once you have cut the hanger pull the short shoulder of the rod backwards to create 90 degreece angle betwen the both shoulders .If you do that using your hands make sure you do not scratch yourself on the edges ,or you can use the needle nose pliers to do that safely !Once you have got the angle right you can slip the handle of the rod in the straw to meassure how long piece of it you need .Once you have estabilished that cut the straw using the scissors ,straight away as it is on the wire .However do not forget to leave small part fhe wire out of the case ,because you need to twist it in opposite side ,so your casing stays put all the time .You can twist it safely using again the needle nose pliers .
Finally using the tape wrap the end of the long shoulder with a bit of tape ,so it is more safe for people around you .

Repeat the same procedure with the second coathanger and there you have your very first L rods .


Try to find the required tools and play safely to not hurt yourself ,ask your husband ,dad or grandfather to borrow you his tools .In worst case ask the neighbours to borrow you theirs for few minutes .

It is good idea to cleanse the rods in similar faschion as you will do with your normal magical and divination tools .
Also you can charge it and get used with them by practising around .
L rods are best used outside ,but can be used in the house too if pendulum is not available to do the dowsing .

This type of L rods should not be hold very tightly or you will have difficulties using them !They need to be left to swirl around freely ,because thier casing is not that stationary as the originaly produced ones .

Such rods have been used in the past to find mainly water ,but you can use them to find other things and to answer questions .

Happy dowsing !
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