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clockwise vs counter
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I see this a lot that clockwise is invoking versus counterclockwise, as banishing. Can I get some clarification, because I have always seen it the other way around. From what I was taught, I learned that there is a right and left path, in the spirit world. The left being open and vast. The right being narrow and crooked, being hard to follow. In my tradition, one would walk around their house in a clockwise manner to banish something of a malevolent nature, given that the person is walking towards the right, the right path is narrow and crooked and few can fallow. Then intuitively, walking counterclockwise would be invoking, or welcoming, because it is open and vast. It is put into my mind set that the direction that I go in open or closes a rite or ritual, but it is in the opposite manner than what most seem to do this in. I am confused. I always go in a counterclockwise manner when opening, and a clockwise manner when closing, in a ritual, from beginning to end. What are others' opinions on this? I guess that is the thing about magic(k), it is what is instilled into our mind set, yet it speaks a universal language. I may be 1's then 0's while others are 0's then 1's. I think this is a good question. So what is the symbolism behind the direction one would go, either from left to right or right to left, in ritual?
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Re: clockwise vs counter
By: / Novice
Post # 2
the way i learned is this.
widdershins- counter clockwise.

you walk in deosil to invoke something or to cast your circle.
Walking in widdershins to banish or to take your circle down.

in the spiritual realm i am not too sure. though when i banish or invoke something, this is what i was taught to use.

i hope this helps you.

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Re: clockwise vs counter
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
It depends on the hemisphere in witchcraft (southern hemisphere is reversed) and in other cultures it is difference. Deosil/widdershins is witchcraft. Deosil is sunwise and "widdershins" is moonwise. Widdershins is NOT just banishment it has the character of the moon.

Its not as popular because of things like the Roman Invictus Solis (the Invincible Sun) becoming the "son" known as Jesus. So the sun, became seen as holy with Christianity. They transformed, not eliminated, sun worship. The halos (sun discs) around the heads of iconic figures is a great example of this. Anyone seen spinning widdershins during the burning times were persecuted for witchcraft as well. So you can imagine a lot more witches began spinning deosil and teaching their children to!

Everything from the "left" became "evil" while the "right" became "holy/right". The direction "left" in Latin is "sinistra" which also means "unlucky". And that should show you the Roman viewpoint which of course spread through whatever they influenced.

Personally, my very first attempt at a witchcraft style circle (when I was about 13/14) was cast counterclockwise accidentally. When I realized I didn't blow up, I continue casting my circles counterclockwise in all my spherical needs and use clockwise motions for very few things. Not out of rebellion, but because I find myself moving in that direction subconsciously and I'm not about to argue with my higher self. It's the direction I move naturally, even in daily life, I turn around to the left more than right. probably because I'm an artist and the left side of the brain is the creative and intuitive side. That's how I see it.

Bottom line, do what you feel is right. There is no wrong or right in a direction.

Its like with all symbolism, it varies. Pick one meaning and stick with it.
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Re: clockwise vs counter
Post # 4
That is very interesting, and full of useful information. I too, find it easier to turn to the left, than I do my right. I feel it in myself what works for me, works for myself, because of the symbolism that is instilled within. With that mind set, I feel more will or more power behind my use and choice of direction that I go. Call it faith; it's my paradigm shift, so to speak. Now, there is this new idea in my head; its balancing the words: instilling and invoking. New things to think about. Something new to write in my journal and ask more about. Thank you.
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Re: clockwise vs counter
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
You're welcome =)
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Re: clockwise vs counter
Post # 6
Interesting. I've wondered about that too. Not so much with casting circles, but when I stir drinks or food I'm cooking, I always go counter clockwise, and I could never break that habit no matter how hard I tried. Eventually I just gave in and just thought about banishing negativing.
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Re: clockwise vs counter
Post # 7
According to jewish mysticism, the Torah says “Let thy left hand repulse and thy right attract.” this isnt mine, its from the reference I attached

The Right

Symbolises Chesed (kindness)
More important, and better, than the left
Seen as lucky (good luck)
A symbol of strength
The location of honour
The concept of majesty
The defenders
Sunnier, brighter side
South (point of direction)
The right hand of Hashem conquered Israel’s enemies etc. The right hand often symbolizes the huge power of Hashem (right hand means Mercy). The right side of a person is where Hashem walks and helps the person in a conflict.
You use your right hand to point to the words of the Torah.
The right hand was not to be utilised for impure or inappropriate functions.
The Torah was presented with the right hand of G-d.
The king’s (or Hashem’s) accomplices sit on the right side of the throne etc.
Mitzvahs are usually conducted on the right side – mezuzahs on the right doorposts, yibum with the right foot, sacrificial duties with the right hand etc.
Always attempt to turn right, to follow the correct path – just like Hebrew texts that move from right to left.

The Left

The accusers
The bleak, dark side
Unlucky (bad luck)
North (point of direction)
Where evil is created.
The left hand means judgement
Left-handedness was seen as a weakness, a disorder.
In Kabbalah, the left side symbolizes a more elevated, improved position. Since the left hand is nearer to the heart, it is more majestic and superior.
In the Zohar, Eve symbolizes the left side of Adam.
The left symbolizes Gevurah / Din (strictness and punishment).
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Re: clockwise vs counter
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8

Anthro-life, this thread is eight years old and most of the people in it are no longer members on this site. Rather than resurrect a zombie thread, you might want to consider starting a new thread of your own.

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