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Name: Tethaia
Birthday: May 11 1992
Location: missouri
Gender: Female
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Name is Tethaia. A solitary pracitioner of 8 years. Been studying for 9, and my lessons will always continue. Its taken me a long time of hard learning to get to where I am today, though I still have quite a way to get to where I feel satisfied. I work along the lines of cemetery work, divination of all kinds, spirit work and communication, knot magick, charm magick, candle magick, and certain other things for knowledge gaining reasons. I do what I believe is right, with the hope of things resulting in the better. I'm open to answering questions, but the real key to finding answers, is to simply research and try it. With experience comes knowledge. I also work with crystals and also with herbs. I've very nature based in my practice. I recently began studying herbal apothecary to expand my knowledge on herbal medicine as well. And Please. Don't message me just to say "hey". I'm here to relate to people of all types of "craft" and cultures. If this be the case, I'll need a bit more than "hey" to start a conversation "craft" related. I don't do readings for people, for its too impersonal. "We are all just cups constantly being filled, the trick is to know when to tip ourselves over and let all the beautiful things out."