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Create Thoughtforms

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Create Thoughtforms
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How to Create a Thoughtform

The following instructions are for creating a simple thoughtform and are designed with the beginner in mind. Advanced thoughtforms, on the other hand, should be left to individuals who possess the proper magical training and experience.
First, you must decide if you want your thoughtform to take the shape of a human, an animal, or some other creature. (An anthromorphic or zoomorphic thoughtform is also known as a tulpa in the Tibetan tradition.) Keep in mind the purpose for which the thoughtform is being created and then choose the most appropriate form.

Next, find a quiet, comfortable place to visualize your thoughtform, and ritually purify it using salt, a smoldering sage bundle, or another method you are comfortable using. Light a candle of a color corresponding to the specific intent of your thoughtform. For instance: white for protection or healing; red for strength, passion, or confrontation; black for binding negative forces and uncrossing; purple for occult wisdom and psychic enhancement, silver for astral and dream work, and so forth.

Using whatever technique works best for you, allow your mind to enter an alpha state. Begin rhythmic breathing and clear your mind of all mundane thoughts. When you feel totally relaxed and are unable to feel your physical body, you are ready to begin visualization.

With your eyes closed, visualize a glowing ball of light floating in the air in front of you, then use your will to make it take on the color associated with your intent. Once this is complete, use your will to transform the sphere into the specific shape you desire, taking care not to overlook small details such as hair and eye color, garments, etc. It is also a good idea to equip your thoughtform with the appropriate tool or tools required for its intended job. For instance, a thoughtform that is programmed for healing purposes could be equipped with a special charm bag containing powerful medicinal herbs or healing gemstones.

As you visualize, chant your intent and infuse the thoughtform with as much emotional energy as you can raise. This is best done by channeling energy through your solar plexus chakra (midway between the navel and the base of the sternum). Some magical practitioners also find that the act of visualizing symbols, such as runes or bind-runes, upon their thoughtforms empowers them with extra energy, thus allowing them to carry out their missions faster and with much better results.

The next step is to give your thoughtform a name. This is an important part of its creation process, for naming your artificial elemental will allow you to exercise more control over it. The name you choose should be unusual and unique to prevent other people from using it and summoning your thoughtform. Repeat the name several times, either out loud or telepathically. The thoughtform is now ready to be charged and sent forth to do its work, or stored for future use. For the latter, some practitioners prefer to house their thoughtforms in crystals or talismans. However, a small empty bottle or box will work just fine, especially if it is inscribed with the elemental symbol corresponding to the thoughtform. to store the thoughtform, hold in your hand the object in which you wish to keep it and then use your will to direct the thoughtform into it. After it has been stored in its container, put it in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. Hold it often and charge it with energy to prevent the thoughtform within it from dissipating.

Summoning the thoughtform can be done by simply uttering or thinking its name. Do not be concerned if you are unable to see the thoughtform appear before you. Most are not visible to the naked eye and can be perceived only by those who possess the power of clairvoyant vision. Although you may not be able to directly observe it, you will probably be able to feel its presence.

by Gerina Dunwich
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