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Hello and minor info
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Hello all, I am new to the forums and to the practice of magic in general, I have studied mythology and magic, even if never practiced. As for listing my Info I suppose I will just put it in an easy to read form so people can pick out what they need of me.

Name: I would rather keep such things hidden until need be, for now Xephier is fine.

Intents/goals: My intent on learning more on and practicing magic is more focused on 1 specific goal, that being, to commune, meet or at least be able to study a being of elemental, magical, or mythological nature. I have no interest in controlling or summoning them, control/manipulation is not something I wish to ever have over another being, I simply want to be able to learn about them and expand upon my knowledge of such beings, if I am ever able to befriend one I would be rather joyous of such a blessing, really the closest thing to control I would ever accept or wish to bare would be if a befriended being wished to come with me, otherwise I would have no care of such things.

Questions/help: Although I do have trouble figuring out my elemental affinity, I have meditated amongst nature for hours and have used incense or other things to try and figure out which element I am drawn to, but so far it only feels like everything is pulling at me, the earth, plants, water, air, fire, everything, so I really do not know which is my affinity. I do believe I am spiritual to a degree at least, I am not sure on anything, but I do believe I am. Sorry for making you read all that but I suppose the short version is: Is there a way to heighten ones senses or perhaps sharpen them to figure out which element I have the strongest draw too? Even just another method perhaps?

Question/help 2: I know this is asked for a lot, but I truthfully do care to learn, and having a mentor or teacher would be very much appreciated, perhaps even a coven if any are willing to teach a beginner, IF you are in the state of North Carolina and are willing to deal with someone that has no practice in magic, I would love to talk more over mail perhaps.

Random info: (feel free to skip if you want, just for fun)

Day or night person: Night, I love the feel of the cool air and the quietness.

Personality: I can't really say, I tend to be rather formal and polite although upon first look most people don't see that in me until they get to know me, although I can be rather light spirited or free hearted at times.

Favored pass times (because why only have one): Reading my books, writing, work (I do enjoy my work), A bit of gaming truthfully, and cooking.

Magic experience: I have study quite a lot, but I have never actually practiced.

Anyway feel free to ask questions or answer any of mine, I would be happy to chat or talk to anyone willing to, I would love to discuss more or perhaps even get to know a few people here better. If this post violates any rules I will take it down or will not complain if it is taken down.
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