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only if you can help

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only if you can help
Post # 1
For a while now I've been thinking and I was wondering if there is ever such a thing as a physical vampire. I'm entirely serious when I say that, I promise I'm not role playing. It's just I have this strange love for the taste of blood, I know it's strange but it's not even really a fetish kind of thing. It's just something that I like as any other person would like a certain kind of drink.... Any suggestions or information for why?
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Re: only if you can help
Post # 2
No such thing, sorry. But there are conditions that might explain your liking the taste. Medically, you could be anemic, which is a low iron. A simple blood test will tell you if you are. A multivitamin/mineral supplement might help. Check with doctor about iron, as too much can cause other problems you don't want Hope this helps. Blessed Be....
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Re: only if you can help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Sweetheart, it isn't like that. The most famous documented "vampire account" was Arnold Paul and it was documented by a military field surgeon Johannes Fluckinger in a report named "Seen and Heard". Do I believe it? I think something happened there, but either it was a very odd disease or a very weird spiritual pheonomenon. But regardless, you have to be dead first. If you are alive, you're not a physical vampire.

There is a very similar account, with extremely close details to the above, but not as bad. His name was Plogojowitz, he died, he was seen around after death and people began dying, and the military got involved with that one as well.

The truth isn't romantic! It isn't dracula or twilight. It's very frightening, and extremely rare.
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Re: only if you can help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Some real vampires are called "sanguine vampires" and they consume physical blood as a conduit for the psychic energy they feed on, sort of like using blood in a ritual. For some vampires the amount of blood consumed is very small which leads me to believe that the blood isn't even a carrier of the consumed energy so much as a connection the vampire feeds through.

Though there is the distinction of sang-vampires and psi-vampires based on how they feed (through blood or by directly taking energy), it is important to remember that both are ultimately feeding on psychic energy, not blood or whatever physical element may be involved.

Some vampires report being able to feed from many sources (or needing to feed from many sources even), but most cannot comfortably change their means of feeding; psi-vampires often gain nothing but a sour stomach from consuming blood, and sang-vampires cannot sustain themselves through purely psychic feeding (though some can make minimal use of it in order to slow the onset of their "hunger").

I will mention though that I've read multiple psi-vamps saying they felt a desire for blood during their awakening into vampirism, likely because it is such an accessible source of energy.

If you're really curious I'd suggest checking out a site like Sanguinarius.org, though I will also warn you that there is a lot of silly fluff in the vampire community, far more than in the greater magical community. You'll find a lot good information from real vampires and real doners (people who choose to be a feeding source for vampires), but you'll also find a lot of roleplay, bad research, lairs, and idiots. Use common sense and remember that skepticism can be a very healthy thing.
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Re: only if you can help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Although yes there is sanguine vampires, I feel the name "vampire" in relation to them is misleading due to the image fiction has created. Not to mention, sanguines believe their spirits are vampiric in nature and so they carry out the act of drinking blood after "awakening" to some of the knowledge and memories of their spirit. This doesn't make their physical bodies vampiric regardless, and it is still a spirit/energy based thing.

Mosquitoes drink blood too, and they don't have super powers. That's why I mentioned the above physical vampires, because even sanguines believe that their spirit is vampiric and the closer they connect with their spirit, the more behavioral characteristics shine through. But personality and behavior change happens with many who connect with their spirit no matter what.

I would also like to add that blood has been seen as a sacred life essence since the beginning of civilization and was used in ritual quite frequently. Also like other animals, humans didn't pop up on earth with fires to cook meat, so a taste for blood could be both a very carnal desire. Many cultures long ago would eat the bodies or drink the blood of their enemies to gain their power. They were not "vampires" this was a belief they had and a practice all warriors or leaders would take part in. Whether you believe in reincarnation, ancestors, or genetic memory. Combining some of these ideas could explain some of the sanguine community without assuming an unusual soul.
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