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Name: RedChiron
Birthday: Mar 24 1986
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Gender: Male
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Alternate account for ChironJackal
Transgendered Thelemite and angry magician.

(Both of those phrases would make great names for a band)

I began to study magick at around the age of 12, though most of my study was limited to books, not practice. I studied on and off (and dealt more with mysticism than true magick) until 15 or 16 at which point I became more serious and had access to more resources. My study up to this point was largely Wiccan, though by age 19 it had become decidedly Chaote. Around the age of 20 I read Liber AL and attended my first Gnostic Mass and my first magical class.

I am baptized and confirmed in the EGC, and a 1st degree in the OTO (though I am inactive with that group at current).

I identify strongly with the teacher role and work hard to be helpful to all genuine seekers in magick and in religion, though I admit not always being up to the task. I try to admit my failings and point the seeker in the direction of some person or resource that may prove more helpful than myself.

If you happen to be astrologically minded, just ask for my natal chart - unless you annoy me or strike me as being creepy, I'd be delighted to send it to you.

Blessings and 93.