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Witchcraft Help Please!!

Forums ► General Info ► Witchcraft Help Please!!
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Witchcraft Help Please!!
Post # 1
I'm sorry for posting questions a lot but there are some things I cannot find answers with. And people on here are so nice and understanding. ANYWAY, I had 2 questions.

1. If you believe and put your mind to it, is it possible to change another persons eye color and/or yourself with a spell?

2. Is creating your own spell for this better? Like does it make it stronger and will help it to work better?

Thank you :)
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Re: Witchcraft Help Please!!
Post # 2
1) No
2) Yes
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Re: Witchcraft Help Please!!
Post # 3
you cannot change your physical body
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Re: Witchcraft Help Please!!
Post # 4
1. I am very sorry to dissapoint you with my answer, but we have to be realistic and it would not be good if someone will mislead you about the subject.
Unfortunately you can not change your eye color by a spell, and you can not be change anything with your body as well, only diet spells which give you motivation/make your body ill to lose weight work. A spell depends on the energy you send as well, and energy will never be able to change anything with you eyes, you should love your eyes with the way the look right now,. Even if you try this spell 1000 times, you will see no results it is just pointless and a loss of time. It is not good to be so happy about a thing which is not possible and then to discover you were wrong, it is better to be told about a mistake before you make the wrong thins, i just do not want people to mislead you. Eye color depends on your genes and other things, and a spell can not change you genes, that's why we have photoshop. Yoy might want to look for medical ways to do it, but i do not thing that there is something like this right now, but i hope there will be . And i really recommend you to love yourself in the way you are, not matter what color your eyes are. It will not change anything if your eyes are brown and not blue.

2. It depends on what you think and prefer. Basically, people say that writing your own spells is better because you have to remember that when you write your own spells, you put your own energy into them, and these will work better because of that. (This same technique can also be used for rewriting other spells that you may find). You also match it better to your intent, will and desire much better since you are the one who writes it. You are capable of being much more precise with you words because you are the one who makes the spell. Being precise is one of the things that might make a spell better because it is known that you have ti be careful with your words and precise with the sentences you say.
From the other side, there are people who find it easier to use spells that are written by authors because it has rhymes so it is easier to remember. They are more like poems. But the thing is that it is hard to find one that will match your will,desire and intent. It is also hard to let it be precise.
But basically, as i said, it comes from your own energy, is precise, match to your will and intents.
Personally I find spells that I write by my own much more useful and better.
You may choose to do the both, or just cast one of the categories.

I hope that I helped :)
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Re: Witchcraft Help Please!!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Eye color and invisibility spells are glamours. They do not physically alter you. What they do is plays tricks on the minds of others to make them perceive something different, or in the case of invisibility, cause them not to notice you as easily. People don't tend to pay attention very well as they go through life and such spells basically just work off of that. So someone who glances at you may think your eyes are blue, when they're brown, but upon close examination, they will see your eyes are truly brown. People who are very observant will see through such glamours, while those who go about life oblivious to most details around them will be effected more.

I remember when I was a teenager in high school, I was a straight A student and I forgot to do my English homework. I was freaking out. Thankfully, it wasn't to be collected, only read in class when called on. The teacher didn't like me because I declined English honor classes and she was always harder on me when grading my papers. I knew she would call on me. In class, I began to chant in my head, to cause the teacher not to notice me. She called on every student but myself, even with a list of our names in front of her. I was relieved and made sure not to forget my homework again. I didn't believe in such magick until that moment. I really didn't believe it would have worked. Later on when I went into psychology, I understood the mechanics of it.

You cannot physically alter the way you look with magick, only the minds of those who see you. This also goes along with spells to make you seem more attractive or beautiful. It's all personal perception not physical change.

As for your own spells, your own are always better, but it is good to read others rituals and spells first, to study them and how they go about their goal. It will give you a greater understanding as to how a spell should be constructed.
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