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Name: Missjerseyb1
Birthday: Nov 19 1990
Location: new jersey
Gender: Female
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i do tarot as of right now i will not be reading for anyone on and off my path for 10 years messages just saying hi will be ignored if you read this far introduce yourself i dont bite it would be nice :)p.s. my opinion on love spells: love is a magic all on its own it cannot be controlled or manipulated it just is. if you want love wait for it i promise it will happen Root: under-active (-25%) Sacral: open (25%) Navel: under-active (-44%) Heart: under-active (-6%) Throat: under-active (0%) Third Eye: open (25%) Crown: open (12%) If you are new to magick practice the basics Meditation visualization centering grounding moonphases colors days energy manipulation (ex. psy balls)