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Accused of Satanism?!

Forums ► Wicca ► Accused of Satanism?!
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Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 1
I posted this in my coven forum, but I thought I might get some more replies if I posted it here.
Does anyone here have family who knows they're practicing Wiccans? My mom found out, and didn't take it too well...accused me of practicing Satanism. Has anyone here had that experience, or fears something similar with family/friends? My sister had an intervention where she wants me to give up this stuff because I'm either with the Christian God or "evil".

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
First off it was that kind of thinking that killed hundreds of innocent people during the witch hunts of Europe. The fact is that Wicca is missunderstood, and this is not entirely by accident, at least in my thinking. The Church in the old days kept power by being the only source of religous information, when there was a groupe outside of their controll, they tried to stomp it out or condem them, i.e. The Crusades, The European Witch Trials, The Spanish Inquisition, etc. (I'm sure there is more if you look, I'm too tired to do so right now). My beliefe is that, there may be dark entities (call them devils, demons, The Devil, whatever you want) influencing this trend. A Catholic priest (an exorcist at that) once said that The Devil was already in the Vaticant, wether he meant that literaly or metaphoricly, I don't know. I do know that there are dark entities and groups that try to destroy anything that might help Humanity in the future, as to why they do so remains unclear (throughout history there have been groups (a group?) that have impersonated groups that practiced magic such as Wicca, Druids, etc., in an attempt to get them branded as evil). Unfortunatly, unless they try to become more educated on the subject (good luck with that), they will never truly understand, which is a sad thing, because self-rightiousness is the sin of Pride in disguise, and it is one of the 7 deadly sins that Jesus' sacrifice does't forgive, you have to work that one off. BTW it was discovered by Biblical reasearchers that the Three Kings/Wisemen/Magi were practicioners of Magic and Astrology, so if you are a Satanist so are the ones who proclamed Jesus The Messiah (I used to study Biblical history as a hobby, and read the Bible from cover to cover [well I skimmed through Psalms] ). Humans are neither good or evil, we are the sum of our experiences and actions.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Your going to get that alot. I come from a family who practices the same thig I do. But some years ago I did have problems with telling other people like friends. But this does depend on your age. Like if your young and living in your parents house you do have to respect their wishes. But that doesnt mean you have to have the same beliefs. You know you are not practicing something dark, you are being openminded which is great. You can try to explain to them about the practice and why you want to do it they may understand and they may not. But from what you explain in the post they are not openminded.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 4
First, explain what you are actually doing and tell them that they have nothing to worry about. Second, if that doesn't work tell them that you respect them ,but you are happy with what you are doing, if they don't back off stand you ground but be polite. Hope I could help you.

Post # 5
Yeah, that's how most Fundamentalist Christian parents react.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 6
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my sister got evil "vibes" from stuff on this site and books on Wicca. Though she was looking at curses and stuff before...

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 7
Most Christians already have this stuff nailed into their head. It's just like them being again homosexual marriage. It's the way they've been raised, and some people still choose to be ignorant after you've taught them about a subject. Some people simply want to remain ignorant.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 8
If you are a minor living in their house it may be best for you to stop your practices if you can not explain your path in a way that makes them comfortable with you continuing.

In many faiths it is believe that the parents are responsible for all actions of the children, so your actions have a direct effect on your parents.

If that is not the case here, at least have the respect to talk the situation through and follow the rules your parents set for you.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
Post # 9
My sort-of-old-fashioned Grandmother REALLY hates it. It's frustrating, but you'll find ways to deal with it. A REALLY good book if you can convince them to read it is Wicca Demystified: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Practitioners. I cannot remember who it's by, but google search that title. It'll pop up.

Re: Accused of Satanism?!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Unfortunately there are some who are going to believe this simply because there is so much misinformation out there about what it is we believe and what we do.

There are also plenty of the more fundamentalist types who truly believe that if one doesn't believe in Jesus then they must automatically be worshiping Satan. Heck, there are a lot who believe that if you don't go to the same church they do you're probably not really Christian even if you way you are.

The fact of the matter is that it is often the better part of valor simply not to bring up the subject of your beliefs around others. What you believe is a personal thing, not something to be shared with others. There is a reason that one of the fundamental tenets of the Witch's Pyramid is "To Keep Silent".

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