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I would like suggestions

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► I would like suggestions

I would like suggestions
Post # 1
Alright so, I'm new to this who magic thing(oh shocker newbie posting a question about spells XD) But I am looking for a specific kind of spell.
I plan to open my third eye just for a lil boost, but I really want to find some "fun" spells. Nothing to intense, nothing to dangerous, just some spells to have fun with.
Now I realize this might sound silly, or sound like I am not serious about magic, but for right now I dont really want to push myself too hard. I just want a few spells I could cast to have fun with people. Maybe a prank spell? Maybe a spell I could use just for fun?
Also, I would LOVE a spell that either lets me attract animals or lets me communicate with one(yeah, maybe that goes against the whole "easy" thing i said earlier, but I have this cat at home that I would love to talk to and understand why it distrusts men)

Anyway, I would be very grateful for the help. I really do want to get my foot in the door on magic, and I would really be thankful for any help that can be given =)
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 2
I wouldn't recommend prank spells to a beginner, as they can easily backfire. Besides that, I don't know what to tell you, I guess it depends on your idea of fun.
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 3
Yeah point taken. I guess that was kind of a dumb idea =/
I guess when i say fun i mean spells I could do that are
a. simple to cast
b. easy to see results and
c. entertaining.

When i say entertaining I mean like...I dont know...whats a spell you would cast when you are bored?
I want to start small...but i really want to cast something where i can see a result.
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 4
This isn't Buffy the Vampire Slayer so there are no spells like what you want (This reminded me of Willow from there for some reason)

No spells are "For fun" nor are they for "Entertainment"

Also there is no spell to talk to animals as you can't change the normal order of the world (Such as we are all human and we only know stuff we learned and we can't make stuff pop into your mind)
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 5
I personally feel that magic is something you use to simply have fun. I think it is something should be utilized instead with a purpose in mind and i doubt that there are many spells to entertain you the manner you described and even the few ones that is available are usually nothing more than waste of time or energy .

As for spells that allow you to see effects quickly , Banishments are usually instant and you can see the changes take place immediately.

My first was the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the pentagram , which you can look into. No materials are needed and is very easy to perform , which fufills your first two criteria .
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No Subject
Post # 6
If your act is distrusting of men then show them there is nothing to fear from you. Try sitting quietly on the floor with a small bit of cat nip in your hand. Offer it as a treat and just sit with them quietly. You can also burn it as an incense while near your act to help them relax. L.L.B ~ Angie
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Re: I would like suggestions
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I see you have a long list of wishes,well then go on and dig the soil of Forums and search for the knowledge, trust me you will find everything you needed, dear Joshy
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 8
Candle magic is easy. Maybe you could try a candle wish spell for something fun, or something to happen quickly.
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 9
I'm very sorry everyone, I didnt mean to offend anyone with my request. I feel like maybe I have given the wrong impression of what I would like from this, so let me try again.
I have always been so curious about magic, but never had the courage to actually research it. Now that I am here searching, I want to try it out. When i said I wanted spells for fun and entertainment, I mean I wanted a easy spell to cast. I realize there isnt like a "oh hey, lets cast this spell just for fun" kind of magic, but i just cant find spells that are easy to cast.
Like banishment spells, what am I banishing? See my point?
I am kind of interested in Fairy Magic, just something small and fun and cute, but cant find spells that actually...like...work ya know?
Are there any spells I can cast on someone that can have a positive or neutral effect? Like...maybe a spell that I can see an effect but not hurt the person?
I'm really sorry you guys...I am not trying to upset anyone, or offend anyone. Really I'm not.
I'm nervous, I'm kinda lost(Kinda being the key word. I have read the newbie guides and have looked at a ton of spells)
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Re: I would like suggestions
Post # 10
Well all spells have an effect (as long as they work, of course) but there is plenty of positive spells. But you shouldn't just do something without the persons knowledge, or at least them wanting something. For example, I have a single friend who my husband and I agree we'd like to see her find a nice guy, but we haven't done anything about it because she's never said she wants to find one.
As far as banishing, that's usually used when someone or something is bothering you or a friend. Examples of things to banish: stalkers, abusive exs, addictions, illness, demons, psychic vampires, someone who hits on your significant other, etc.
As for fun, glamour spells and attraction spells can be fun for a night out. Just make sure you put the spell on yourself (ex: "I'm the most attractive person in the club," not "_____ will be attracted to me.")
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