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spell for true friends?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► spell for true friends?
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spell for true friends?
Post # 1
Hi guys,
im seraching for a simple spell that could help me to bring true friends and a soul mate to my life.
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Re: spell for true friends?
Post # 2

Personally, I think that a spell is not the best way to find good friends and a person who will love you truthfully.

Basically, a good friend is a person you know for a while by meeting him/her from a specific place / event. It is also a person who you trust, like and get all of the trust and good feelings back from him / her.

A soul mate is basically a person who you fully love and dedicate everything for, and get the same feelings, love and dedication back.

As I said, you just meet such people during the life. You let time to show you if the person suits you and your standarts, if you understand each other and if both of you have the same feelings for each other. Just meet people, develop relationships and good friendships, and you will see how good the results will be.

Anyhow, you can cast a spell to attract friends or your soul mate / loved person. You may find a lot of spells under this section, just use a specific search engine and see the results.
You can take a magnet and charge it with your own energy to "attract" people, since the magnet presents attraction and gathering. Carry the magnet anywhere you go. This is just a simple example of something you can do. Of course that you can choose to cast any random spell.

My tip is to be positive and to believe in yourself and your abilities. Do not give up hope, and always keep being open for new people in your life. As i said, you can try a simple spell or a simple charm for attraction as well.

Good luck !

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Re: spell for true friends?
Post # 3
A soul mate is someone you've known for several lifetimes. If you feel like you haven't met that person yet, there are spells for it, but I don't know any offhand, I just know I've seen them. Also if you're not ready for that relationship, it won't work. As far as friends, just because you use magic doesn't mean the people won't truly care about you. It depends how you word your spell, or which one you use. Think attracting people with the traits you like in friends rather than I wish I was friends with that person. But even with magic, you will have to have a positive attitude and interact with people. Go out, have fun, and keep your eyes open. Not everyone you meet will be meant to be your friend, but hopefully you'll know when you do meet one.
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Re: spell for true friends?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I resonate with the others. I do not believe a spell is what you need. True friends will love you regardless, and if they do see anything that may hinder the relationship then they will tell. As for soul mate, you must be patient. :)
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