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the magic of coffee

Forums ► Herbalism ► the magic of coffee
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the magic of coffee
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
Coffee is something that is really very popular around us old grums ,that seems like can not get out of dreaming state without it .However it is a little bugger that get you addicted ,eventually .But there is far much more to this substance that we realize .

Coffee is made of coffee bean ,which grows on the plant known as Coffea arabica .It get to be knows to the Western World only in the 18 -th century .This plant is native to Ethiopia but spread in Asia later on .

Coffee is diuretic as many of us have noticed ages ago .This sidel effect of it i do not enjoy particularly ,however i do like how it works as stimulant and improves my focus .

When combined with paracetamol caffein (its active ingredient ) can relieve headaches and pain .It also can help to clear up the fog from your head .It improves alertness and concentration .Something we often need in our magical workings ,especially after very long working day .
However it is hard to use it in moderation ,after time we seems to kinda need more biger cup or even pot .Overdose can actually cause headache ,palpation ,anxiety and lack of sleep .Stopping it suddenly may cause headaches. I stopped it complitely from once and was feeling well i just was a bit more sleepy in the mornings .If you have long term weakness or illness you better avoid it ,because it can put not necessary strain on your body .
People used it often with cardamom .

Magically coffee is used to empower rituals through affecting the focus of thier performer (at least that is how it effects me ).Also is belived that it has protective and grounding abilities (in moderate dose ),for overcoming internal blockages and being slugish energetically .Also to dispell negative thought forms .
In certain dark practices coffee grounds are used to cast so called dark spirit circle ,since they are dark in color and are believed to be symbol of draining and tearing down energies .
Also i am using the leftovers of the coffee machine to fertilize my pot garden .Coffee is very good plant fertilizer too .

You can put the wet coffee ground in a cheesecloth and use it to stain your book of shadows ,but if it is too wet it may ruin it .I rather advice experimenting on sheets of paper that are not attached to the actual book till you do not get it rightor it can get very messy .

In my country certain old people and gypsies do divination with black coffee . The coffee is boiled in small pan then it is put in your cup as the divinator makes sure that some of the grounds had made thier way to the bottom of the cup .The reciever of the divination drinks it leaving the wet powder to stay in the bottom then the cup is turned upsidown on small plate and the divinator looks for perticular patters and images that appear .Those images are interpeted and advice is given or the past and future are predicted .The process is very similar to divining with tea leaves .

Here is also a link of 20 unusial coffee uses that you may benefit off .If you have it why not use it for 25 things instead of just 1 .

References :
Herbal Remedies by Andrew Chevallier
Brujo Negro
My own experiments with coffee and the divinatory practices of my own people and country .

If you have came up with some other magical or medicinal uses ,please let us know .I will be very happy to read about .

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Re: the magic of coffee
Post # 2
Fascinating how much something we use every day can have so many uses. I also know of people with asthma or that wake up with trouble breathing who drink coffee, the heat of it tends to allow them to breath more easy.
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Antiquus ,thanks for sharing that with us .Not many people actually realize that everyday things can have magical uses .Somehow most people nowdays think that magic(k) requires only fancy things that we purchase from special shops .I like my fancy and exotic things but i can use very simple things in my magical workings if i do not have anything fancy handy .Nothing wrong using both acording the situation you are into .Practical mind find multiple uses of very same thing :)
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I love to read on coffee to my friends and family. It's a fun and good entertainment :-) after the drinking coffee,all of us overturning cups , I am reading each cup after another. Well,if cup remains dark and with many strips inside then I can assume that person is in stress. If nothing left in the cup and it's light,then his situation is gonna be better. If on the edge of the cup,you will see a ball of coffee dirt,it might be a money or news, if it looks like a roof of hunting coffee dirt over the edge of the cap, then it might be busy days are coming ahead. If you will see a long vertical light strip from the edge till down you might get a trip...well, anyone can try to read coffee,just try your intuition,imagination. Thanks for a nice tread,Artindark. Blessed be
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Wonderful post. Coffee actually has many many health benefits.

It is only bad for those with high cholesterol when boiled (drip and instant doesn't do this). Blood pressure can be upped 15% by 3 cups, so it depends on the severity of your blood pressure problem. It should be drank sparingly for those with ulcers and other chronic digestive disorders because it increases the secretions of the stomach. It is also bad for those with liver problems. In TMC it is considered a liver stimulant and we all know you shouldn't directly stimulate an organ already in distress. In this case, if you get stomach problems due to coffee, in TCM, your liver is suffering sever stagnation, effecting the spleen/stomach's weak resistance. Time for Milk Thistle then! If the stagnation isn't very much, adding sugar could be enough of a tonic to alleviate the liver/spleen disharmony.

But for those without liver problems, it protects against liver disease and cirrhosis. (Research from KaiserPermanente) But it isn't this way for tea drinkers! So it isn't the caffeine, it is the chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. These two make coffee high in antioxidants (4 times more than green tea). Not only does this work as anti depressive and anti-anxiety, it has been found to reduce the development of many diseases such as alzheimers, cardiovascular disease, and cancers.

In a Kenneth Davids Article
2-4 cups daily
Lowers the risk of colon cancer by 25%, gallstones by 45%, cirrhosis by 80%, parkinson's disease by 50-80%, asthma attacks by 25% and suicide.

Reduces the effects of an aging mind (keeping it sharper by preserving cognitive skills, according the the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research "Neurology" --journal issue Aug 2007) It absorbs free radicals more effective than green tea and grape seed. The antioxidants suppress activation of disease causing agents and combats the aging process. Maybe that's why my family always looks much younger than their age! We are all coffee drinkers. No such thing as a gathering without coffee brewing constantly!

It does however if drank before a mean it reduces glucose levels by 20% and regulates the blood sugar level in general, which helps prevent diabetes and helps those with diabetes, but also means if you have low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) you should avoid drinking it before meals or on an empty stomach (I personally drink after meals and I feel just fine, but before and I'll get very cold and shakey from my glucose level dropping). A harvard study published in. The Annals of Internal Medicine Jan 6, 2004 showed that 6 cups a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50% in men and 30% in women. According to the University of California (Oct 2006) the effect is also seen in former coffee drinkers and doesn't matter if its decaf.

Pure black coffee is a bronchodilator which is great to sip when feeling the strains of asthma. I have slight asthma and on really bad allergen days, I'll get a black cup of coffee and sip it. I don't use an inhaler.

I am a proud coffee drinker. I'll drink 3-5 cups a day. I was sick of people telling me coffee was bad for me! So I did a little research and now I have a lot to combat those claims!
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Oops, drank before a meal not a mean! Typo =s
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Ehehe WhiteRav3n that is mother of all researches there that you have pulled through ,but i am very glad to know the research around it .I have been on large dozes caffein sometimes up to 8 cups and when i started drinking it i used to do it boiled ,which is its strongets form .It does help me against the fatigue ,because i do physical work and then i keep working as domestic goddess ,however i noticed after large doses i used to get really nervous and anxious .Therefore i put my strong will and i reduced the intake now to one cup per day or sometimes i can go days without it .I think it is wort to mention that my eye roll on contains caffein and i have used before anticellulite
products that contain it too ,so your research kinds explain why that is the case .It is indeed used in the cosmetic industry .So it is kinda gift of the nature ,however everything that is used in humongous doses will have few sidel effects ,because human body is very comples system .So yeah despite i manage to drop it fully for three weeks now i drink it now and then ,because i do like its taste and smell .

As for the typo i am next to you in typoland (lol ) i rechecked the post for mistkes two times and i realized three hours later that i missed p letter in grumps and i wrote grums !Eyeroll .
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Darwish thank you so much for sharing with us your personal interpretations of the images and patterns .I have never tried this type of divination myself ,but sounds very interesting .Do share some more information with us and the way you interprete all of patterns .
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Re: the magic of coffee
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
I agree. Everything should be used in moderation. Even drinking too much water can make us very ill.

So many people forget to listen to their body. It can save us a lot of trouble when we do.
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