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Channeling Languages

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Channeling Languages
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Channeling Languages
Post # 1

I am not sure if this will make sense to anyone but myself as I am the one who experiences this phenomena but I thought I would share it with all of you anyway and see if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or comments, also feel free to share if you have ever experienced anything similar.

Since I was seventeen, I have had these off episodes where I will be in the middle of something, nothing uniquely specific, just going about my day, and I will blurt out random phrases or sentences in different various languages. At first I thought I was just crazy, and or schizophrenic. For a while it only happened with no one around, however that was more coincidental than I thought. At one point I was having dinner with my best friend's family at the time, and I had one of these episodes where I just started speaking in what appeared to be tongues. However oddly enough my friend's grandfather was with us that evening and he started speaking back to me in what sounded like the same language I had spoken. It turns out I was speaking Hungarian.

That was just one example, mind you this started when I was seventeen and I am now twenty four. I have these episodes every so often, and in languages that I can sometimes recognize, and many that I cannot. I know this sounds completely strange and hard to believe, for those of you that are skeptical but keep in mind I have seen psychologists, neurologists, and auditory and speech specialists and although stunned they cannot find anything wrong or different in the language centers of my brain and offer no explanatory reasons for this occurrence.

So I am sharing this with all of you and welcome any advice or thoughts on the matter, if you are skeptical I understand and accept, that but please be respectful, and understand that I am sharing this personal experience with everyone here.

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Re: Channeling Languages
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You're a medium I presume. I personally am more likely to write in other languages not speak them. I've written in Italian, French, and Greek. These were written in perfect spelling and form. I'm still trying to figure out the Greek. I understand now why they say "it's Greek to me!" Sheesh...its a difficult language, especially with all of the dialects and letter forms between ancient to modern times.

I often find myself speaking other languages within visions and travels on journeys. I've written down what I said afterward and found them to be Italian, Romanian, and Sanskirt. There are a few languages I could not decipher. I think its because when I write them down after the journey, I have to write them phonetically, and some languages are nearly impossible to translate from a mystery language when its phoneticly written in English. What you're experiencing is actually pretty common. Most people are just afraid to bring it up, for fear they'll be thought of as crazy.

The only languages I actually know (not fluently) is Latin, Spanish and some Tsalagi.
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Re: Channeling Languages
Post # 3

I love that you used the word presume as I was just taking to a friend of mine about this situation, and as we were discussing it she asked me if I thought it was spiritual and I was telling her that as a shaman I may be channeling the spirits and what not, but I told her I know well enough not to presume anything.

I know what you mean by the fear aspect, considering it is very unusual and strange, especially to those that don't have a spiritual predisposition or an affinity to magic and the occult. I haven't really spoken about it publicly, because I am afraid of what people think, even more so with fellow kin and members of the magical community, But I decided to speak up about it anyway because I just had one of these channeling episodes today, and I have long enough waited to discuss it with people I trust. Thank you for sharing your insights White, possibly you and I can discuss our experiences together at some point as you have had similar occurrences.

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Re: Channeling Languages
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Haha, I have an analytical mind and was going to college to be a psychological profiler. I haven't finished (finances...sigh), but the way of thinking doesn't go away. So I tend to make deductions. I don't presume unless the evidence is clear. Knowing you're a shaman already from past posts, the nature of those posts, your knowledge level, and the fact that you spoke Hungarian around a Hungarian man without knowing the language...I felt the word was fitting. =)

Feel free to pm me. I'm a bit backed up on replying to people but I plan to catch up on all of that tomorrow.
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