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sprit animal

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sprit animal
Post # 1
how do i meat mine?
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Re: sprit animal
Post # 2

Animal spirits often reveal themselves to us through our subconscious during sleep and meditation. During these sessions, animals indicate valuable information about our past, present and future, as well as help us with situations we are dealing with in our lives.

Animals also show themselves in our dreams and meditations to simply identify themselves as our spiritual guide, and thus our animal totem. This requires us to pay attention, and learn more about what this animal represents so that we can work with our animal totems.

Spirit animals or guides come to people in many ways. - Spirit quest. Usually part of a full ritual that requires preparing yourself with cleansing, meditation and in some cases fasting. Followed by entering a deep meditative (trance) state, and doing a true search. This sometimes requires you to pass some sort of test (physical or mental), after which your spirit animal/guide will make themselves known to you.
- Happen chance. Many people find throughout their lives they are frequently aware of, or in contact with a specific animal. This is frequently your spirit animal/guide making themselves known to you. The difficulty here is that many people fail to see the spirit. Most of us would happily recognise an eagle or a wolf or even a bear as our spirit animal/guide, but reject the idea of a mouse, a spider or a snake. Spirit animals/guides come in all sizes, shapes and perceived importance, do not be fooled into thinking your spirit animal/guide has to be some big exotic creature. If you are constantly seeing or interacting with one such animal, the next time you see it, stop, turn toward it and ask (out loud), "Are you here to tell me something?" If the animal does not run away at the sound of your voice, or approaches you, you may well have found and accepted one another.
- Spiritual seeking. This is for those who feel they want/need/ or already have a spirit animal/guide but want to formally "find" them. Take time to prepare yourself. - Cleanse your body, a bath or shower works well, if you so choose add a drop or two of your favourite cleansing oil or a pinch of salt to the water. If this is not possible/desirable, smudge yourself with a cleansing smudge. - Quiet your mind, ground, center and do some basic breathing exercises. If you do basic meditation, then focus your mind on finding a spirit animal/guide (be careful here not focus on a specific creature, but on the help they will provide for you. - Light a candle, and ask your personal deities or the Universe for help to find your spirit animal/guide. - Sit quietly with your mind a calm and open as you can and wait for an image to appear. Do not be discouraged if nothing come to you at this time. - When you have finished your request, put out the candle, clean up the things you have taken out and if possible get to bed. - Before you fall asleep, tell yourself you are leaving the door open for your spirit animal/guide to make itself known to you. - The next morning carefully try to remember your dreams, your spirit most likely was there, you just need to recognise it. If you have no idea from your dreams, keep your eyes open over the next several days, and make note of any animals you see "a lot of" this could also be a sign. Do not give up, there are spirit animals/guides aplenty out there, it just takes time to recognise and learn to work with them.
Luck and blessings,
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Re: sprit animal
Post # 3
I think that the previous post hits the nail right on the head. I actually met my spirit animals through a guided meditation. I am not that knowledgeable in the craft so this was my best choice at the time. They choose you as much as you choose them and mine have actually become powerful allies and guides. I have two by the way. So yes meditation is one way to find them. Also look for things in this realm that will give you a clue. Both of my animals are cats and I have always been a cat person and are connected to them. I don't know if this actually the reason why they choose me but it is an option.
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Re: sprit animal
Post # 4
I have a spirit animal in my house , I dont see it in my dreams
I see it as another cat , as I have two pet cats . When my cats are outside I hear the cat playing etc , explain that ?
BB -^=^-
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