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canceling a love spell
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list lf the items needed: Cedar and sage smudge, 1 black candle, large incense burner with charcoal block, or a fireplace, wooden stove, camp fire, bowl with three large handfuls of dried vervain, 3 pinches sage

Spinning the spell:
Set the bowl of vervain on the ground just outside your front door. Next smudge your bedroom and then next your house, moving in a clockwise direction and ending back at your bedroom. Extinguish the smudge. Then draw a sacred circle around your entier home, making sure you cut an energetic gate in the circle to the front door so you can go outside with out braking the protection circle of light. When doing this spell outdoors, build a small safe fire, then plase the bowl of vervain just outside the circle, again cuttung the gate so you can exit and enter. Call in your dream guardians, then call in your favorite god or goddess by speaking their names nine times ask them for their guidance, protection, and blessing.then light the candle and charcoal block of your incense burner. Next exit your front door through your energetic gate, and take a handful of the vervain in your dominant hand. Hold the handful of dride hurbs high above your head, face in the opposite direction of your front door. Then shout the name of the person you want to be free of, and turn widdershins (counterclockwise) three times. Go back in to the house, and cast the dried hurbs in the lit incense burner, fireplace, wooden stove. As you do so, say with passion,

in the past, i cast a love spell
now, the effect i must quell.
may this spell become undone and (name of person) be gone
i ask this by earth, water, wind, and light,
by the strooe of midnigt tonight,
(name of persion) shall never again return
make it so as these leaves burn!

Repeat the process of going outside and gathering the leaves, shouting the name, turning widdershins (counterclockwise), going inside, castin the leaves into the fire, and chanting a total of threentimes. Snuff out the candles when you are finished, breaking it into small pieces and then throwing it in the garbage can. Next pull up your circle and release your dream guardians. In the morning, sprinkle the sage into the ashes in the incense burner or from your fire, and then bury the ashes at least nine inches under ground, stomping on the ground over the ashes three times.
And that it. Thanks for taking the time to read this ^_^
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