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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> ReadingPlease?

Post # 1
Anyone could give me a reading please??
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Re: ReadingPlease?
Post # 2
I can try... and probably botch this... By the way this is my first real attempt at this... so be nice if I did it wrong.

1st card. you seem to have a lot of worry on your mind right now. feeling like you are going around in circles and shooting your self in the foot.
2nd card. you are on the defenesive when it comes to work. an annoyiing co-worker perhaps. seems to be your more on edge than usual.
3rd card. if your single, check an unlikely place for a date. maybe the reference section of the library? if your married, dinner, movie and a walk on the beach would be a great way to relax.
4th card. someone is due for a raise or about to get some very nice jewlery.
5th card. try your hand at gardening, it might yeild some refreshing herbs for you. if you are bad at gardening... do something plant related, making your own tea blends out of herbs from your local stores. nothing like an iced herbal tea of sweltering days like these.
well it seems that you are going to have a pretty decent july, and enviroment at work.

ok... leet me know about my first attempt at card reading. I tried...
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Re: ReadingPlease?
Post # 3
Hi, thank you so much for the reading. I appreciate it very much!

Your first card is very accurate! I am going in circles with my ex bf, and we just broke up again a week ago, and I worry and want him to come back.
The other cards, I probably cannot tell right now. But a raise could help a lot because Im broke lately.
Thanks again for your time.
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Re: ReadingPlease?
Post # 4
No worries. It was nice to be able to try my hand at reading cards. And I'm sorry about your breakup.
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Re: ReadingPlease?
Post # 5
Just want to add, I dont think Im getting a raise, but, my boss added my hours starting today, so I am making more from now on.

If you dont mind, can you do one more reading, on , my ex and me? will we get back together? or get back in touch?

Thanks again!!
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Re: ReadingPlease?
Post # 6
1st card/you: dark card... you feel a bit depressed about the situation
things are going to get off to a slow start but acording to the next two cards things will rev up, and it seems that you will end up on top of the situation. more than likely someone higher up at work, or in a Much better situation

now... if you got back with your ex...
he may try and butter you up. is he trying to get back together, is he making the first moves? i wouldn't accept any jewlry from him if that is the case. the next card show him ending the relationship in some way. going by the card with the king stabbing himself in the head, this path might not end well. since i do not know the guy... i can't really tell you. but if he was mean to you, stay away. if it was a mutual breakup, i wouldn't get back with him, but if your in an elevator with him, feel free for the small talk.

but ulimatly things are your choice... other than that, I hope you find what you are looking for, and don't worry :)

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