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A Phoenix's Personality

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A Phoenix's Personality
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The Phoenix Personality

The legendary bird with beautiful hues of red, gold, and purple plumage is said to arise alive and reborn from
the ashes of its funeral pyre. Thus, the Phoenix has come to be universally recognized as the quintessential
symbol of fire, resurrection and rebirth. Since the Phoenix's said metamorphic abilities typically embodies the
qualities of motion and change, the Phoenix would be the natural choice to represent the versatile, flexible,
clever, energetic, and revitalizing qualities of the number 5.

Those who have number 5 birthdays, share the same qualities and characteristics of the Phoenix due to their
innate ability to reinvent themselves as needed, and to effectively bring about change and evolution. Many
Phoenix people tend to lead energetic and vigorous lifestyles, with a love of adventure, travel, and excitement.
Because they are inclined to be both physically and mentally active, Phoenixes can be some of the most clever,
resourceful, flexible people to be around, with a driving curiosity due to an inherent need to explore. There's
usually never a dull moment because most Phoenixes don't like to be bored or boring to others, and will do
things to spark a little fire into any situation, even if it's unintentional. This is because it is Phoenixes mission
in life to keep things moving, and nothing shakes things up like a little spontaneity and surprise. However,
Phoenixes daringness and willingness to take risk, can at times lead to dangerous situations if they are left
unchecked, or become too bored. Their behavior can also make them appear impatient, restless, unkempt,
and unstable. One of the greatest shortcomings of Phoenix people is their lust and excitability, which can
cause them to become easily irritable, reckless, careless, and prone to accidents, excesses and abuse. This
is especially true for the vices in life: alcohol, drugs, sex, and gambling. However, due to their quick reflexes
and alertness, Phoenixes make the best emergency personnel, and are generally the best people to have
around in any emergency situation.

Phoenixes ability to get things moving and their "never say die" attitude can be a positive asset in any situation,
and they generally excel in the area of sales, marketing, advertising, travel, transportation, hospitality, and other
fields where there are products or people that needs to be moved, or that deals with expanding and exploring
the boundaries of life. Curious, daring, and quick-witted, Phoenixes tend to be drawn to communication fields:
television, radio, computers, literature, journalism, science, and other areas where information and technology
is ever-changing, which allows them to stay abreast of the latest trends and motions of the world.

The Phoenix Vibraessence: You have the ability to bring forth change.

You have a Phoenix Vibraessence or vibe if you were born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month. A Phoenix
vibe means that you send out a spicy and invigorating vibration that causes others to sense your love of a little
excitement and adventure. You have a certain daringness about you and are not afraid to take a little trip on
the wild side. This may cause others to think of you as a little too risky and reckless, but you are sharp enough
to know your limits. However, there may be times when you may lean a little too far, but the Phoenix in you is
adept at getting you out before the fire gets too hot...but only as long as you remain alert to your own senses.
You have an especially sharp and flexible mind, and are a very quick study. These are the skills you should
use in life to excel in any area of your choice.

The Phoenix Omniessence: Your purpose is to be a catalyst for change.

The Phoenix Omniessence means your total birthday numbers add up to the number 5 and you were born
on the Day of the Phoenix. This means you are on the path of mobility, and in some way or another you will
use your active and revitalizing energy to be an agent of change. You don't necessarily have to do something
that will revolutionize the world, or have the dramatic far-reaching effects like the actions of Abraham Lincoln,
Charles Darwin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, each of whom traveled the path of the Phoenix -- just as long as
you are mindful not to follow the path of Hitler, another catalyst of change...though not very admirably. This is
one of the dangers of having a Phoenix personality -- you have to remain extremely alert of your actions and
attitude at all times so as to keep your fire in check. But now aware of the energy you possess, you should
have no problem activating the positive changes and vitality you seek in life.

The Phoenix Chronoessence: You have had energy to burn since birth.

If your year of birth totals five, then you were born in the Year of the Phoenix. The Phoenix birth year plays a big
part in how you may choose to live your life as it provides an additional influence of flexibility, mental acuity and
alertness that should inspire you to spice up your life with a little adventure from time to time. The attributes of
being born in the Year of the Phoenix are some of the most exciting and thrilling traits to possess, such as
being quick-witted, curious, novel, and literary. These traits often lead to exciting or lively careers in journalism,
advertising and sales, transportation and tourism, the sciences, and other areas that require a quick mind and
even quicker reflexes.

The Phoenix Eppuressence: You aspire to be on the move.

If your month and year of birth totals a 5, then your lifelong ambition may be along the lines of keeping up with
the latest changes and being well-informed. Your natural curiosity and energetic nature may also inspire you
to seek out adventure to spice up an otherwise mundane existence. As the eppuressence is sort of a hidden
aspect of yourself, no one else may know that you may also aspire to revitalize the old and worn out. Since you
have the power of alertness and mental flexibility, this may be the ticket to achieving your objective.

The Pros & Cons of the Phoenix ~ additional timing keywords.


clever, curious, alert, fast, mobile, vitality, energetic, agility, flexible, surprise,
adventurous, up-to-date, quick reflexes, versatile, travel, excitement, literary,


excessive, abusive, risky, careless, vulgar, lustful, nervous, sex, drugs, alcohol,
gambling, unkempt, untidy, irascible, volatile, hasty, accident-prone, risqué,
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