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Making up for Bad Karma?

Forums ► General Info ► Making up for Bad Karma?

Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 1
So recently i did a few things I'm not proud of and i want to make up for them and also not get hit by too much bad Karma. Is there a way to do something good without any gain to get rid of bad Karma??
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You should meditate a lot, and don't mind others. That way you'll not get involved in other problems, as it's hard to help someone else, if you haven't got your own life tidy.

And, karma is not avoidable. You can prepare, and don't resist it too much.

Good luck
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 3
Drakelius,you're here,talking of magic,something people think it's not possible.Universe prooved that many things we think are impossible actually ARE possible.

The problem is Karma is like a sword without a hilt:you can hurt with it,but you must be careful it hurts you.Karma can "avenge" the bad things did on you or the bad things you did on the others.

However there is no thing such a "bad" or "good" Karma.These are better not believed.Believing having a "Bad" Karma is like believing you are totally unlucky.Bad things will follow you because your mind attracts them by believing.This is not the Unavoidable Karma.

The Unavoidable Karma,the REAL Karma,is not something magical,some force that will avenge us.It is simply,the response we get by other people regarding something we did.It must be considered as a social concept.It can be avoided,if you are very good at hiding it.Let me take an example:
Person A kills Person B:
-If Person A isn't good enough not to leave evidence of the crime,the Police will hunt him down.It is prooved no one can hide forever.
-If the crime is perfect without any consequence,the police won't be capable of identifying him.

But,every murderer can be captured because:
-A cold-blooded murderer that is smart enough to hide evidence,is a serial murderer.Serial murderers try to re-live the emotions of their first murder,and not reaching their target,they get desperate and make errors.
-A murderer that will kill someone for personal reasons,will do it on hot-blood and will eventually leave evidence.
-A hired gun has the most favorite position,but can be identified by his clients.

And there are many,many other options that may be possible in the situation "Person A kills Person B" of which I can't think now,

So,the chances of doing an action without consequences are very low.You must be very very smart not to suffer consequences.
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 4

First, the bad news is that if you produce a bad thought or action and then let it linger on your mind for a long time, the karma expands so that when it eventually ripens, it will be worse. Its like your subconscious knows you produced bad karma and it wont forget it until you make up for it.

So if you curse the person that you intended to help, in the example from last month, the act of cursing them will be on your subconscious until the bad karma comes back to you. Maybe the next day, as you enter the building, someone will fail to hold a door open for you.

Or if it weighs on your subconscious longer, maybe a month later, someone will slam a door in your face. To avoid the door slamming in your face, you need to make up for it.

This is where the good news comes into play. To make up for the bad karma, you dont need to be Gandhi or Mother Theresa. Just have nice thoughts and do simple acts.

If you cussed someone under your breath, make a point of saying thank you the next time someone lets you on the elevator before them. Or if you notice someones new outfit, tell them they look nice.

If you do this diligently for a while, someone will eventually ask you to join them in a business venture or invite you to their cabin in the Swiss Alps. If you do this every day for the next 10 or 50 years, someone may eventually ask you to make a video of your life or write a book about you.

Isnt that what Gandhi and Mother Theresa did?

All this because the good karma that you create will expand over time, thanks to the second law of karma.

And there is one other thing you need to do : Forgive yourself.

You can read more about those karmatic cases that happened to other people, they share their own opinions about making up for karma, give experiences. etc. The experiences i have given you were also things that happened to people (the door slam thing, etc).
Just have good motives for every action you do, try to be as good as you can and forgive yourself for the bad stuff you have done, if you forgive yourself it means you have learned your lesson - and karma is like our "teacher".

Read more:

Good luck!

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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 5
You can also clear bad karma without the help of good deeds you know..you can look into..

Karmic release

To release karma , it depends on the gods and goddesses guidance . You can ask for karmic release from all levels , all layers and all lifetimes . this release is very powerful as it clears it from all angles possible.

Alchemy Soul Healing

You can look into this . You can clear your 5 karmic creation seed pearls also known as 5 point clearance . Once they are clear and activated , it starts to shine , lowering karma's effect on you by some degree


Or you can follow the suggestions on what the other people that posted on this thread said . Some posted quite informative answers for you in my opinion .
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I can't believe that out of everyone posting on karma (in great detail too) no one truly understands what it is. Please! If you're going to believe in something, research it.

" , we are the result of what we were; we will be the result of what we are. In another sense, it should be added, we are not totally the result of what we were; we will not absolutely be the result of what we are. The present is no doubt the offspring of the past and is the present of the future, but the present is not always a true index of either the past or the future; so complex is the working of Karma."

"natural law and justice...cannot be suspended by either an Almighty God or an All-compassionate Buddha. According to this natural law, acts bear their own rewards and punishments to the individual doer whether human justice finds out or not."

While we are born to a state created by ourselves, yet by our own self-directed efforts there is every possibility for us to create new, favourable environments even here and now. Not only individually, but also, collectively, we are at liberty to create fresh Karma that leads either towards our progress or downfall in this very life.

"According to the Buddhist doctrine of Karma, one is not always compelled by an ‘iron necessity’, for Karma is neither fate, nor predestination imposed upon us by some mysterious unknown power to which we must helplessly submit ourselves. It is one’s own doing reacting on oneself, and so one has the possibility to divert the course of one’s Karma to some extent. How far one diverts it depends on oneself."

Source: http://www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/karma.htm

Please read more. I believe Karma is one of the most popular misinterpreted concept in religion/faith.
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 7
need to be yourself and to respect and love to others.
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 8
Karma is a broad term basically meaning what goes around comes around. In some way, shape or form what you do will come right back to you whether it be good or not so good. "Karma" the word is normally religious, it is expressed in Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and several other religions. Each belief system has its own views of "Karma". Buddhism was explained by WhiteRav3n. You also have Hinduism which is fairly similar in philosophy but it has more to do with reincarnation. Same thing with Christianity, you deal with what you dealt some time after death as some souls are sent to Purgatory to hear "their sentence". Wicca often believe in the 3 Fold Law, what you do comes back 3 fold.

You take your specific beliefs and determine the best way to appease your actions.

If you are Christian, go pray, ask God for forgiveness and then go out and help an old lady cross the street.

If you are Hindu, let's hope it wasn't too bad and just move on.

If you're Buddhist, meditate and decide yourself what consequences you and others had to face.

If you're Wicca, personally I'd go out and do three good things theoretically evening out the playing field.

"Karma" is a concept often described as some higher force or naturally occurring phenomena that basically tries to maintain a balance. It's all about balance. You do something bad, let's say you feel guilty and do something good. It's really all you can do. Whether you do something good for yourself or someone else that's basically the answer.
Don't try to appease Karma like it's a god, you have nothing to pray to, you have no one to give offerings to.
Also the point is not to try and avoid Karma because you're scared of the consequences, you need to understand there are consequences for everything whether you give it some spiritual significance and call it Karma or just say that's the way the things work. The idea is to learn to take responsibility.

One other misconception about Karma is that everything bad that happens to you is deserved. No that's not what Karma does it's not some angry vengeful spirit that wants to have you framed for murder and thrown in prison because you tripped your little sister 5 years ago. That's not the idea of Karma, some things really do just happen. Sometimes there is a reason, but even then it's not always because of Karma.
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 9
You don't have to face the consequences if you calculate them.If you "think 10 times and speak 1 time" like they say in my country,you'll never have to face bad Karma.

As I said Karma is more like some sort of social problem rather than magical.So the method of evading Bad Karma is social,not magical.

And you say you did some things you're not proud of;unless you broke the law or you've messed up with criminals that can kill you, whatever you did it can't be so dangerous.

Most likely you've pissed off someone you don't want to.Unless this person happens to be one of your parents(or both of them),just ignore everything he/she says.If it's your parent/s who's pissed off,try to hide everything you did.Bury it as deeply as you can.

P.S:What did you do so much bad you're afraid bad Karma will hit you?Though on the way you wrote the message it looks to me like you betrayed some close friends of yours for your profit:
"...make up for them..."-means you've hurt more than just 1 person.
"...without any gain..."-means you did something you profited on these persons.

One counsel from me(always supposing you hurt your friends):
Don't think for others more than you think for yourself as no one would do that for you,and if you saved yourself instead of your friends when they were wrong in what they did,you don't have to be ashamed.Instead you have to be proud you did what was right,though it would have been better if you'd ask your friends not to do the wrong they did.
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Re: Making up for Bad Karma?
Post # 10
You're looking down every alley for something bad but you need to look for the good because its only happening because you assume ti will so you're letting it get to you and making it happen

To make that shorter:
Live life and have fun and forget about it
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