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No Subject

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No Subject
Post # 1
i have been attacked by ghost,demons,and the devil himself in my dreams numberous times and i'm not sure why if you think you can help me please tell me thank you.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
They could just be nightmares,we all get then once in a while,if there not just nightmares,then i don't know why it's happening.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Try a spiritual protection and/or amulet and if that doesn't work, seek a therapist. Seriously. I've seen too many cases where someone starts talking about the devil or demons, and then they end up killing a child violently and/or themselves out of a sudden psychosis. I'm not saying you're going to do that, but devil and demon paranoia can be bad news. And such things as dreams of being attacked constantly is a sign of emotional/mental upset.

If good protections/amulets don't work, then it is NOT spiritual and you need to take care of those issues.

Good luck. By the way, I'm not calling you crazy, I'm just saying something like that can lead to bigger problems if not addressed. Our dreams are great warnings of a troubled mind. You said "numerous times" which shows a pattern. But since it is always a different spiritual being--you said "ghost, demons and the devil"--this makes me believe it is not spiritual influence and is your mind creating a representation of a problem/situation you're experiencing emotionally, mentally, and/or physically.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 4
Could you give us more detail of your dream for example what they all look like how they attack you what order, where you are etc.?

Like the person above me said, these images are created by your subconscious mind to represent things which bother you in waking life, it does this so your mind can attempt to deal with it whilst you are asleep.

Just a little speculation from a psychological point of view, the ghost may represent something you thought you had buried in the past which has come back to haunt you, this could be an idea an old friend or enemy which you don't like. The demon, I don't know, not enough detail. The devil will be the thing which stops you the most, Carl Jung and Doreen Virtue both believe the devil is just the being which symbolises the ego, the lower part of oour minds perhaps this means that you are attacking yourself, or harming yourself, perhaps you are getting in the way of yourself. Then again it could mean something else it is highly subjective, everyones symbols can mean different things.

But as Whiteraven said seek help if it continues, there's no shame in seeing a therapist, we all have our problems, that what they are there for, I wish you luck.

P.S. Try a dream catcher, yeah many people don't believe they work, but mine has for me.

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Re: No Subject
Post # 5
you asked for more detail of my dreams i know were the demon comes in when i was 10 he showed up in my closet and wouldnt leave me alone.the ghost comes in because in 1 of my dreams she told me that the devil sent her but she said the reason was confidential the devil comes in because the ghost didnt finish the job. in these dreams ive been slamed in the corners of my house(these dreams happend in my house)they punch me hit me take over by body burn notes in the palm of my hand. and 1 time when i was awake a ghost choked me after the fact there was red hand marks around my neck ad for the record i can see spirts basically the dead. i hope this fills you in a bit more.oh this ghost has attacked my dog befor ad before this happend my little sisters room was clean but after my dog came out of the room itwas trashed and my dog was hurt.
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