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Angelic Powers

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Angelic Powers
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Angelic Powers
Post # 1
So I just tried the ritual where you ask for divine protection. I think it is called the lesser banishing ritual but I might be wrong and pretty sure I am. But it worked, I can feel divine energy around me. I also get the feeling of swords of white light around my body. Spiritual of course. This enochian magic is very powerful. And I must learn it lol. Can anyone teach it to me?

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 2
"Lesser banishing ritual"? Do you happen to mean the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram?

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 3
I don't know maybe. It has been years since I used that pentagram.

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 4
Hey there I need some helpfull tips for angelic possession how can I get a angel or angelic figure to possess me or to take refuge inside me I want to know how to turn myself into a vessel

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 5
Angels would not want to have you as a vessel as you are human. Angels are pure beings filled with love however humans are dirty, filled with anger and hate and the horrible things which come with the ego.

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 6
wow, way to slap him down like that.
and what you said is untrue, the majority of humans are like that however there is a minority that are such good people straight down to the core that it makes the majority not looks so bad. I remember going to this Buddhist school not so long ago where they had this master who was a very compassionate person who vowed so long as there are still people who have yet to be enlightened he will never transcend to being a Buddha. There are plenty of people who are nothing but good, past Buddhas, Ghandi, Monks who are focused, and a lot more people who have made history as peaceful and good souls

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 7
Jeeze guys way to pollute my post!

Re: Angelic Powers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
wiccandeity please explain this quote from the Quran to me then ;

"We created man from dry clay, from black molded loam, and before Satan from smokeless fire. Your Lord said to the angels: 'I am creating man from dry clay, from black molded loam. When I have fashioned him and breathed of My spirit into him, kneel down and prostrate yourselves before him.'

The Lord told angels ,djinns (demons ) to kneel infront of humans .Angels were created of pure light and most of them had no free will .Djinns(demons ) were created of smockless fire and had to kneel infront the humans because Divine put its spirit within us . We are born into light but we can choose darkness ,because we have free will .

It is not correct to suggest that all humans are dirty , unclean vessels .Also if we were so unclean why some angels assume human form ?
I have communicated and work with angels and they have never treated me badly even despite that i am not saint or perfect .
Angels have been assigend to help us and lead us toward enlightment because we came out from same divine source but we got lost .Each being has its own strong and weak points and that is valid for humans ,angels and djinns (demons ).Never the less we came out of same Creator and we can get along if we start to understand our and others being nature .
In short yes we can have angels as guardians ,helpers and teacher and yes we can be thier vessels for some time if that is how things are ment to be .Also we can be vessels for djinns (demons ) and we also can be vessels for divine light .We attract what we are ,so i guess by climing that your race is dirty you attract only negative beings .I will suggest that you rather reconsider your opinions and ways .

Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 9
For one I am entitled to my own personal opinion and do not wish to reconsider my ways as you put it because, my ways are right for me, you don't need to like my ways as they are not yours.

2) I am not a believer in the quran as I do not believe in demos, they are just old pagan gods and goddesses which the new monotheists stole and painted evil so that the transition of the religion ran smoother.

3) How dare you instantly believe that you have more experience with angels than me. This may be true but so what! My mere point was that no matter how innocent or pure the human is we will always have some darkness within us as we are balanced beings, we all get angry sometimes, angels never get angry they are pure beings shaped out of the highest love or life energy the supreme conciousness or God has to offer.

4) My point was simply this, most (if you simply cant accept everyone) people have some sort of negativity in them at some point why would a being of pure light or positivity wish to inhabit a human body? Of course you have your guardian angel but they don't possess your body.

5) Angels sometimes take on a human form as the human can sometimes not be ready to see the angels in their true forms.

6) As for being created from dry clay we know this not to be true don't we? It's meant as a metaphor.

7) By no means do I state my opinion as correct, neither am I saying yours is we don't know do we as we a re not angels however the bottom line is it is my opinion, which is something you may never take away.

8) As for attracting negative things and you wanting me to change my life, well I wish I could give you the same reply I give the street preachers who try to save my soul, however doing so may get me banned from posting. Again the djinns are demons are just old pagan gods and goddesses demonised, I have seen brilliant posts on this before in these forums search it if you wish.

10) If this was the other way around I would have resected your opinions and not have told you to try and change your life because I know it would not be my place to do that since I don't know you plus as you stated earlier humans were creted with free will.

I bid you farewell with the words Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

It was my will to state the opinion on the matter nothing more, I did that was it your will to try and argue with me? If so 1) you picked a bad day to do so as i am in a foul mood. 2) Maybe you need to stop being negative in what I would state as a passive way.


Re: Angelic Powers
Post # 10
Also my apologies to the original poster I realise I never answered your question, what exactly do you wish to gain from enochian magick?

I would suggest you look at Lon Milo DuQuettes book called "Enochian Vision Magick" if you wish to visit the different aethyrs and recieve visions and answers from the angels, however you will need to buy or make certain materials to follow the book.

If you dont have the tools or the craft skills to make them yet wish to visit the aethyrs via meditation I would reccomend "The lost art of enochian magic" by John DeSalvo who's book is actually forwarded by Lon Milo DuQuette so both their works can be used with each other I would suggest starting with Jon DeSalvos book if you aren't a very good scryer.

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