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Ghost Spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Ghost Spells
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Ghost Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 1
This is for the person who requested some help with a ghostly presence.

I will place them into the spells when I have some time. DarkStar..

Backwards Spell To Repel A Spirit

Light a white candle
Carry it in your right hand, in your left hand some salt. Walk through your rooms backwards, sprinkling salt as you go. Make sure you have enough salt in your pocket so you don't have to backtrack. Ask the spirit to be gone. At the topmost part of your house, extinguish the candle.

Hecates Supper For Ghostly Good Behaviour

Each month at the full moon bring an image of Hecate to a crossroads
Place the image so that the face points towards a road.
Place food on the ground, such as fish, honey and a cake with candles
Make an invocation to Hecate asking that she makes the ghosts behave
Leave the food at the crossroad for whoever may take it.

A Boundary Line That Ghost Wont Cross

Place three peeled garlic cloves in a bowl, with one handful of sea salt and one handful of fresh rosemary leaves.
Grind the ingredients together.
Sprinkle them to create a boundary as needed.

Ghost s of those who died by violence are believed to be able to cause aggressive poltergeist activity, this is sometimes called ghost sickness. A person who is overcome by ghost sickness can jump at the slightest provocation, trance and lose the ability to speak. An old Mexican tradition to rid someone of ghost sickness is to rub the patients body with a black hen. There should be no intent to harm the hen but the process may prove fatal for the hen. Patient and hen should undergo ritual fumigation using smoke which is created by burning bay laurel leaves, frankincense, copal and crossroads dirt.

Apparently, carrying a lavender wand allows you to more clearly see ghosts.

Ghosts may be prevented from haunting a house by surrounding a home with herbs such as laurel trees, rowan trees and lilies. You can also fumigate your house with camphor and mint. Another method of preventing ghost is to sprinkle an infusion of bayberry inside and around the perimeter of a house. This helps to remove old ghosts and prevent new ones. A laurel branch will give you extra power. Hanging Raspberry vines over the entrances to your house will also prevent ghosts from entering

Stinging nettles in your hands are said to ward of ghosts. Be sure to wear gloves!

Mesopotamian Ghost Spell.

Blend vinegar, rain water, well water ditch water and rain water.
Asperge the ghost infested area with the liquid
Ring a bell vigourously
Hold a light (torch, lamp candle) in the left hand and a cattle horn in the right
Announce in a firm voice
My Goddess look upon me!
My God watch over me!
Let angry hearts be calm
Satiate and appease anger
Establish boundaries that protect me
Establish well being for me.

Mesopotamian Ghost Spell II

Braid a strand of unbleached wool and a strand of red wool together, so that the colours stand out from one another and remain distinct. Use red wool that will not bleed into the other strand. The finished braid must be long enough to tie around your head.
Make seven knots in the braid focusing upon your desires
Bind the braid around your head while chanting an incantation
Until the red turns white the white turns red
Keep the spirits from my head
Protection of white, passion of red
Keep the spirit from my bed
Sleep in the braid over night and if you feel you need to for future nights also
Keep the braid as a talisman in a charm bag with you.

Keep the ghost happy by burying apples at a crossroads at Halloween, this feeds them.

Rest In Peace Spell Deceased Unknown

Make distinctly male or female doll from wood or earthen clay. It is important you use bio degradable material to make so the doll can decay.
Give the dolls a feast of the dead in their honour. When you end your feast explain to the doll that represents the ghost, their wandering is also over. Bury the doll in uncultivated land where they are unlikely to be undisturbed.

Rest In Peace Spell Deceased Known

Create a doll representing your deceased
Make it a coffin
Bury it in a remote area or in a graveyard.

"Rest in peace, thy life is done
Your feet no longer free to roam"

Summoning Cooperative Ghost

Not all ghosts are unwelcome, for some ghosts can be very helpful, for others they give great comfort. Please take care when dealing with the dead, try to show respect at all times and remember, if you don't need to disturb them try not to as getting them to leave can often prove very difficult, and you by summoning a ghost open the doorway for any other ghost who may fancy to wander in your realm.
Dead Do My Bidding Spell

An ancient metaphysical practice that is still practiced into todays occult circles is having the dead do your bidding ie they haunt someone, make someones life misery or helping someone. If you know the deceased you require to assist you then a trip to the cemetery is not necessary, an altar at home will do to summon them.

The minimum offering is a white candle plus a glass of spring water.
The altar may be personalized so it strongly attracts the spirit you seek, photographs things the person liked etc
Write a brief clear and precise statement of what you desire on brown paper
Place this with a conjure bag together with graveyard dirt and seven coffin nails (
Carry this with you or retain it in a safe place in your home
If your petition is granted bury the bag in the Earth

Dead Do My Bidding Spell II Fore Love

Make a wax figure to represent the object of your desire
Pierce the image with thirteen needles no pain is intended the sharp of the needles is aimed to make your lover burn with desire
Put the needles through the brain, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, hands, feet, anus and genitals
As you pierce the brain say "you think about me all the time" as you pierce the eyes say "you only have eyes for me"
Continue to say as you go pierce the doll with each pin, words such as the above customized to suit
At sunset place the pierced doll on the grave of someone who died young or violently (eg car wreck, murder). The spirit emerging from this type of death is allegedly restless (they had an untimely death being the reason) and are filled with resentment and therefore willing to accept a commission from a stranger
Call on the corpse in the name of those spirits with authority over the dead, those who supervise their comings and going, and those whose legends somehow involve the realm of the dead. The spell in its original format suggest Anubis, Hecate, Hermes.
Say " Spirits of the afterworld, by the spirits of those snatched from life too soon, I command you spirit of the dead Arise! Go to (person you desire name and address) and bring them to be my lover"
Go home and await results.

Dead Do My Bidding Spell III

At night visit the grave of someone with great love and loyalty toward you.
Bring raw eggs, cooked rice and some rum
Pour the rum onto the ground
Break the egg onto the dish of rice and mix
Leave the offering at the grave
Stay away from the grave for a few minutes then return and explain what it is you want them to do.
Thank them then go home and wait for results

Greek Necromantic Spell

This ritual should be performed at the Full Moon

Dig a ditch deep enough to stand in
Surround it with incense made from dittany of crete, mugwort and wormwood
Cast a protective circle aournd it to keep anyone one away that you didn't summon there
Pour a libation of equal quantities of honey, milk and wine into the ditch
Make a figure of the perswon you wish to communicate with out of bread dough
Dress it with bay laurel leaves and fennel. Drop it into the ditch
Prick your finger, sprinkle a few drops of your blood to the ditch
Dance, drum, work yourself into estatic state to speak to the dead.
Seance Protective Candle Spell

This candle is to protect throughough seance proceedings.

Slice the top of a small white votive candle
Carve into the bottom of he candle so the wick is exposed and can be lit
Fill a glass half full of spring water
Place a saucer on the top and quickly flip it over so the glass rests on the saucer but no water is spilled
Place this on the floor behind the dor
Place the reversed candle ontop of the glass and light it.
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Re: Ghost Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Thank you that was really informal:)
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Re: Ghost Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
very neat, must write these down.
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