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Spirit guides ?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Spirit guides ?
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Spirit guides ?
Post # 1
I was meditating so i can talk to my spirit guide, and how do i know if i was doing it right ?
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Re: Spirit guides ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Usually, your spirit guide would talk to you.. That's how you would know, but to your guide you might not seem ready yet. Patience and not obsessing is always good if you end up with nothing.
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Re: Spirit guides ?
Post # 3
well i have been talking to it through my pendulum
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Re: Spirit guides ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
"talking to it"..."it" eh? Perhaps your problem is that you don't view your spirit guide as a person.

Try this when you meditate.

Although a pendulum is nice, it can easily be taken over by a mischeivious spirit if you haven't protected the pendulum and only allowed your spirit guide to speak through it. If you have trouble doing this, you can cast a circle and only invite your spirit guide (by name) into the circle with you.

Once you've met your spirit guide face to face using the above link's method, you should be able to sense when he or she is present at any given moment in time. You'll also be able to sense when he or she is influencing the pendulum and when it has been compromised. You also must be sure not to think of an answer when asking a question, keep your mind blank and wonder "what could the answer be?" and wait patiently for the reply. You may also wish to listen for the answer in your mind when you do this. This can help you develop clairaudiency.

Also, in my own experience, different spirits swing the pendulum in their own style. For instance, my guide has a very even flow that will change direction in mid swing and when I'm not asking a question, he makes star patterns by swinging it back and forth in a circular fashion. I've verified his style by having him control the pendulum while others hold it (without telling them of his style) and he has made the same signature stars in their hand and fluid swings. So pay close attention to the style of the swings. They're very different from person to person, although you may see it as spirit to spirit since you haven't accepted them as people. Even in your own control, the pendulum will have its own unique characteristic swing.
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Re: Spirit guides ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Spirit guides ?
Post # 6

Hi TheMoonDeity,
There are several types of spirit guides, such as loving relatives passed to spirit, "teachers" who are interested in you because they have information that might help you on your path, angels, and a host of other entities. Your Higher Self is also one of your guides, believe it or not. Some people have an easy time connecting to them, some don't. I know of many people who have communicated with the same spirit guides since they were little kids! Others, like you, are newly interested in reaching out to them now.

Here are two tips about meeting spirit guides and doing that:

1. Speak aloud, or write down questions

In my experience, we hear them as a voice in our heads that sounds like our own voice, but we know the information didn't come from us. There are a lot of books with neat exercises to help you train yourself in distinguishing between your thoughts and their messages. I like the book, Ask Your Guides, by Sonia Choquette. One of her suggestions is to speak aloud the messages you get from Spirit, as well as your questions to them. This makes their presence more real to you, helps you focus your thoughts and intentions better, and hear better as well. Speak to them just as you would anyone else.

You could also write down questions on a piece of paper, and then watch for signs the next few days. They always answer. You'll instinctively know when something that you see or hear is an answer to one of your questions. This gets kind of fun! After a while, you won't need to write things down. You'll just communicate telepathically. Remember, they often tell us things we need to hear, and not necessarily want to hear ...the best medicine is bitter sometimes, lol. Just keep your mind and heart open.

2. Use discernment

There are myriad spirits around us at all times, though we can't see them. Some are not so benevolent.
f the guide's advice seems untoward in anyway, don't follow it. This is known as exercising discernment in your communications with spirits. Bottom line, the three main red flags to look out for include:

1. the spirit is trying to fluff you up and inflate your ego in some way
2. the spirit is trying to isolate you from people around you in some way
3. the spirit is trying to get you to do something that doesn't make sense to you, and is inappropriate

Helpful spirit guides don't do any of that. They respect and work within the constructs of the space, time and culture you're currently living in.

Bright Blessings,

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