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quartz uses

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quartz uses
Post # 1
ok i have a 4icnh high and 2inch wide clear quartz crystal uncut from ground never washed. any good uses (i also have afew smaller ones and amethyst crystals.
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Re: quartz uses
Post # 2

Clear quartz crystals have different properties that people like to use them for. Mainly they are used for healing techniques also knownw as the rock crystal and crystal quartz. Clear quartz will help clear out your energy if you having too much energy left over which is manily called access energy. Sometimes you can have so much energy left over from doing spells or rituals. Use a clear quartz balances out psychical and mental energy and helps relax and calms the mind from many distractions. It really helps with emotional problems also. I bought me a clear quartz dragon necklace and i am hoping it comes in this week and will be wearing to help me with emotional issues.

But clear quartz is a really great crystal t work with. I love work with and collect all kinds of crystals. There really beatiful i feel attracted to them a lot.

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Re: quartz uses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Clear quartz is like the white candle of crystals, it can take on the qualities of any stone you desire. I have tested this personally. If you are familiar with other stones/crystals all you have to do is invoke the desired stone/crystal and the properties you wish from it into the clear quartz. Let me explain why this is so.

Not only does the clear quartz contain the entire color spectrum (due to its ability to let all light pass through but it also acts as a doorway into other worlds. It is a window that can reveal whatever you wish for it to. Quartz strengthens the connection between the physical and the spiritual. It reveals to the individual utilizing it other places, times and gives access to any energy they desire. This is why it is a "psychic's" stone. It also has the ability to amplify any energy placed into it or casted through it. So I use them as wands and wards alike.

But the shape is what is most important. One sided crystal points draw energy from the base, color it with it's own energy (whatever you have charged it with) and focuses it through the point. Tumbled or rough quartz with no points holds energy and emits the energy through its aura. The larger the stone and the more energy you've charged it with determines how large the aura is and how much of it's surroundings are effected by the energy.
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Re: quartz uses
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I actually live where Crystals and Quarts grow natural and I've grown up around them my whole life. I just posted a video here in the video section about crystals and Quarts. but if your interested in watching it you can also see it on your tube. Here is the Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEV8Xix1hac

Take a look and I hope you enjoy!!!
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Re: quartz uses
Post # 5
i agree with WhiteRav3n. it amplifies different energies. i particularly use it for cleansing(rooms or other crystals i have), protection and healing. i would just take it with you wherever you go just to help with any excess energy. if you're really crafty turn it into a necklace! but don't forget to cleanse and charge it! (:

blessed be!
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