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Spells & negative effects

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Spells & negative effects
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Spells & negative effects
Post # 1
Hi just a couple questions I was thinking about before tying spells on the site.

1. I thought id start with spells like eye color changing on myself. Are there negative effects with it because I wouldn't want to accidentally blind myself, is that possible?

2. Are there negative effects on making myself more attractive?

3. If I use magic to help people will I get negative effects. I thought (if there is a spell on the site for this) to help my mom get a better job because shes been doing job interviews lately, maybe help get more money coming in.
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Re: Spells & negative effects
Post # 2
The only hegative effects for an eye color spell would most likely come from miscasting it,but is you follow the instrctions that shouldn't happen,as for makeing yourself more atractive you may get attention from people you can't stand but that's about it and i'm not sure about a job spell.
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Re: Spells & negative effects
Post # 3
  • I am very sorry to dissapoint you with my answer, but we have to be realistic and it would not be good if someone will mislead you about the subject.
    Unfortunately you can not change your eye color by a spell, and you can not be change anything with your body as well, only diet spells which give you motivation/make your body ill to lose weight work. A spell depends on the energy you send as well, and energy will never be able to change anything with you eyes, you should love your eyes with the way the look right now,. Even if you try this spell 1000 times, you will see no results it is just pointless and a loss of time. It is not good to be so happy about a thing which is not possible and then to discover you were wrong, it is better to be told about a mistake before you make the wrong thins, i just do not want people to mislead you. Eye color depends on your genes and other things, and a spell can not change you genes, that's why we have photoshop. Yoy might want to look for medical ways to do it, but i do not thing that there is something like this right now, but i hope there will be . And i really recommend you to love yourself in the way you are, not matter what color your eyes are. It will not change anything if your eyes are brown and not blue.
    And one other thing, i do not recommend you to start with doing spells, it is just not recommended. You have to do energy work and meditation before starting with spells, and of course to cover learns of all of the basics. But you have to do it for months and years. In one tradition you have to meditate and to work with your energy for a year and a day. And you will be able to start with spell craft. If you do not have enough patience, you can give a try but if something goes wrong do not say i did not warn you.
  • I don't think that if you will attract people something will happen to you, unless if you go against other person's will and attract him/her. It all depends on your motives as well. Do not do it for selfish reasons please. There is such problem that i know, that few people who have made an attraction spells liked themselves too much, and it is not a good characteristic and they lost a lot of friends for it- people do not like other people who love themselves too much. An attraction spell will make other ones to look at you differently and to you to look at yourself better, but if you do it for a selfish reason it will backfire. As a said, a year and a day of meditation and energy work or a bit less if you want not to go with the tradition.
  • If the reason is to help your mother and to make her happym and not for some greedy reasons i don't see any possibility that a negative thing will happen, it will even be good for you. If you cast a spell to help, give happiness and do it with good motive and a reason nothing bad will happen to you or to you mom/family. Just keep thinking about why you need everything and what the results will be.


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Re: Spells & negative effects
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Eye color and beauty spells are glamours that influence other people's perceptions. They don't actually create physical change. Beauty spells that do work are ones that work with already useful methods. Charging a homemade avacado mask with energy to heal and renew for instance, may cause it to be more effective. Adding that it will enhance your good traits, would merely be a glamour that causes people to see your good characteristics over flaws. But confidance does this too! Yep, confidant people are proven to be seen as more physically attractive than those with low self esteem.

The only negative effects of magick occur three ways.

1 The law of attraction. If you surround yourself with negative energy by performing negative spells, you will attract negative beings, negative attention from others, and form negative thoughtforms that can and will cause havoc.

2 Backfire. Some people like to claim this is when malicious spells effect the caster. But truly this is when someone casts something incorrectly or uses something they don't understand fully. I had a friend who wanted to attune himself with Pluto and use it in a ritual with other planets, and ended up feeling ill instead. He knew it's associations but was not aware of its personality enough to mix it with other planetary energy in a way that was harmonious. It backfired and he paid for it. My best advice to anyone is don't get cocky and dive into something. Crawl before walking.

3. Your own fears can turn on you. Magick relies on single focus. When you switch your focus to a thought or emotion of worry or fear over the success or outcome of the spell, you've just ruined it for yourself and may cause that worry to manifest. Even after casting, your thoughts should remain 100% positive. The thoughts and emotions of a magickal practioner must be kept in control because we know, we can cause them to happen. If you're not confidant that you know what you're doing, don't do it until you are.

I was always taught as a child, even yelled at for saying anything negative may occur (even out of worry or play). The reason? You will cause it to happen! At first, I'd laugh and didn't take it seriously. But as I grew older, and would say something even in play, I'd get into trouble if it happened! "You know the car might break down." I'd get glares like no other! And be told, "get that out of your head right now!" If it did happen, oh would I'd get in trouble for it just because I said it! I would be told "whether it happened because you said it or not doesn't matter, you said it when you didn't have to, and it happened, so DON'T do it again!" Now that may seem harsh but it taught me early how to control my thoughts and my mouth!
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Re: Spells & negative effects
Post # 5
Hey everyone thanks for all the info it helped.
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Re: Spells & negative effects
Post # 6
All spells have different side effects. The most common one is back fire. You must be careful wile casting the spells. As for the spells to make yourself look better they don't usually work. Most of the time you have to figure out who you really are in order to cast them.
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