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Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info

Forums ► General Info ► Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
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Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 1
Hello everyone!

I,m Amane and I shall tell you all about my experices with Faeries and some basic info. Faeries were actually the first experience i've ever had in magick. When i was about 5 years old i would leave piece's of bread in my grandma's garden to feed the Faeries. Of course i was 5 so my parents thought i was just pretending i thought i was too.
When i got older to about 9 years old i recieved a Faerie tailsmen with a tibe of pink glitter behind it (my mom said it was pixe dust) from my grandma. Everytime i wore that neklace it filled me with happy thoughts, and positive feelings, it also made me see Faeries as well. I'd play with them (as you would see in chldrens books) Keep in mind Faeries are earth Sprits. My parents thought i was still pretending. But as I got older my parents and I felt i was going crazy. So i stop seeing them and I got caught up with school.
I guess the Faeries felt a bit upset to think that I left them, up untill now. Since ive gotton more into Witchcraft i've started going back to them and they habe been comming back to me. :)

Basic Info:

- Faeries absolulty LOVE Gardens and flowers! Make a Faerie garden. Research the different types of flowers you could plant for them, then in the middle of the garden build a Faerie house.

- leave offerings. As said before Faeries like gifts and offerings. A gift idea can be somthing like a bead, a tiny bell or little charms you put on a braclet.

- House Faeries. Ever put somthing somewere then it disapeers to somewere else? (happens to me all the time!) Well those are probably house Faeries. House Faeries like to play little jokes on people so don't be offened! If you get too annoyed then simply tell them, they'll stop; just please dont be rude!

- Summoning. if you wish to talk to Faeries try summoning spells, you dont always have too but once you getto know the Faerie folk well enough you dont need too!

okaay! Theres way more info! message me if you have questions! :D
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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 2
I personally have worked with the fae in the past with a friend to help banish them from him home he made the mistake of messing around with them. They came at his call. Shortly after their arrival, my friends car broke down that was only 2 years old and very well maintained, as well as toaster coffee maker, dishwasher, stove, and washing machine, dryer kept working for some reason, as well as the wiring of his home that was less than 10 years old wigged out. Only after the banishing ritual did things calm down and things stopped breaking, but his little misadventure with the Fae cost him nearly $34,000.

The ones my friend worked with where elves but not all farries are like tinkerbell ether. Please just be careful with this because it can be dangerous.

In as much as I hate using wiki for another story about them I have heard this posted elsewhere and know their is some validity to it.

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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 3
oh thanks for the link, and yes i know they arnt always happy. Its just ive always had good experinces with them.
I want to write a book about Faerie folk. Any ideas i should put into it?
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Basic Faerie Info
Post # 4
your quite welcome they have held my fasanation for sometime.
Theres alots of ideas about the fair folk but I would suggest put into the book your experience with them. Mine in my own personal experiences with them have been not bad but I dont allow them at my home they can tend to be menicing. Just do some reserch on them and put your own ideas and thoughts in with it. And send me a copy of your book to read over when its done. :D
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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I sometimes make 3 course meals out of flowers for the faeries and sometimes they are gone the next morning.
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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 6
will do! :D
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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 7

This post elaborates on the origin of the terms, and the group that was originally known as Fae. The things that are called Fae now a wide variety of spirits that include sprites, nymphs, and other spirits assocaited with an element.

You might find this hepful.


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Re: Basic Faerie (Fairy) Info
Post # 8
Hey,iv been trying to get a fairy for awhile now,iv tried several summoning spells and i dont have a garden nor do i have the means to make one becasue the soil here is so bad,any ideas on how i can get a fairy or any spells that Actually work? any help would be greatly appreciated
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