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vampyric sorcery

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vampyric sorcery
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Vampirism and lycanthropy, a fleshing or manifestation of daemonic energies. The shadow side has long been hidden from the basic study of magick on any serious level. The inherent goal of magick is to awaken and explore the self, progression, evolution and individual power. This is gained from first hand experience and study. The path of the sorcerer is never an easy or safe one, many of the greatest dangers exist in the subconscious realm.
Vampirism has existed and grown in the European psyche for generations, stretching some thousands of years. The same is true with lycanthropy, shape shifting and the darker aspects of witchcraft. Lycanthropy is closely connected with the dual aspects of sex and death, as is vampirism. The lunar current which the sorcerer opens and becomes aligned with is based on the aspect of hidden desire and lustful atavisms which manifest in the spirit and form of a wolf, owl, cat and other such animal. Lycanthropy can be a useful exercise and individual power points which can be used effectively on the astral plane.
The daemonic elementals which breed in the subconscious mind from the time of birth and on can be banished and often made useful to the fighting individual. There is no devil worship or ill intent involved for the worker of Shadow magick, it is up to the individual which path they take. I have always intended, from the beginning to present balance and insight into a dangerous psychic path. That of the shadow sorcerer is not that of mental weakness; however it often tests the mind on ever possible level. Questions, answers, fears and pain await those who explore. Fear not however, without the trials of life there is no true knowledge or experience. It is through consciously and willfully exploring areas of ourselves- analyze and become stronger because of it. Devoid of this, there would be no great pleasure of life, no reward for hard work and no point of building the greatest strength of all - That of the mind!

+i would not emphasize here anymore the vampyric and lycanthropic folklore because it can already be found in the internet.. ;)

Vampiric or ?Vampyric? Sorcery is a technique of evoking and directing energies which are Qlipothic in nature and/or origin. The Kabbalah defines the Qlipoth as unbalanced or negative
energies which exist beyond the sphere of Da?ath, which is dual in it's qualities. Da?ath is often represented as a power zone of wisdom, the hidden knowledge. One may ask, what is the key? The KEY is the subconscious, the dark matter of the brain. Vampyrism is also the Will-directed internal focus of exploring the immortal aspects of the Vampyre in shadow and dream form. It is a process of sinister or left-handed alchemy.

Elementals are different from spirits in that they will often take the form of desires and what we call atavisms, they take the form of urges within the psyche and rarely can be made to assume visible appearance. Austin Spare was said to be able to do such at certain times however his witch mother ?Yelg? Paterson was said to do such at will.

deprogramming and will training:
Such is necessary for evolution and progression, as well as preparing for the vampiric transformation. In the alchemical change, from basic programmed thought patterns to a new type of awakened individual, the process of deprogramming and training of will are very significant. It is dangerous, as well as foolish, for the individual to go forth into this region of darkside magick without deprogramming themselves. It entails the risk of further burying atavisms, and making oneself vulnerable to vampiric possession. Elementals who are created and normally exist within the vampire current, will seek to manifest outside the dream sphere.'

Before one can attempt to change their surroundings and work their magickal will, one must master the self on each level. For this reason, a number of banishing rituals should be performed on several levels. This includes Goetic and Enochian banishing rituals, etc. This is only a basic start to the world of shadows.

To begin to understand the basis of vampirism, one should study his/her own surroundings. This includes why he/she thinks of certain things the way they do, how he/she treats friends, lovers and family, etc. If something offends you, why? This takes a large amount of concentration but can be most rewarding if one can go beyond the walls of the conscious. A suggestion is to keep a dream journal, it is especially significant in the beginning as you will be able to follow subsequent psychic developments and
emergent thought patterns. Dream control stems from the ability to understand the self and offer a power base within the subconscious. Foundations of iron are most important. To create something strong one must use the highest quality of materials available. Evolving a mental connection to the astral plane requires the most rigorous self-analysis.

It is during this period of analysis that the aspirant becomes a 'solitary', shunning unnecessary contacts. The reason is that the mind and its magickal abilities are strengthened in solitude, and the methods of will training in isolation are therefore the
best companions. It is during this time that the sorcerer is able to further practice the methods of sorcery; Chaos, Thelemic and other methods of magick which will enable a strong transference into the astral world of vampiric sorcery.

The individual will begin to learn and understand that all things in this world can be changed or adjusted to the warlock?s will and that he/she is ultimately the master of their own destiny. An aspect of proper training techniques is that the aspirant takes to viewing and studying things normally disgusting to their own personal taste. There are objective but subtle reasons for this that will become clearer as they proceed. At the starting point,
it is of the utmost significance that the individual focuses on understanding their own fears and pains, without these reasons necessarily being clear. It will however be seen at once that this aspect of the training makes for a devilishly strong individual.

Vampirism is the extension of the astral mind and night side
reality. All that is transformable from the flesh to dream is subject to change on this level. One must learn to separate
him/her self (which most students of the hidden arts have done already) from the sleeping world of people, lost in crowds, lost
to themselves and dedicated only to skimming by in their lives.
The successful magickian is one who realizes that the universe is composed of simplistic beliefs which are only connected with the extension of the mind. If you believe it, and act towards it then it is real.

magick and belief:
Vampiric sorcery is based on essentially the same principles as more traditional forms of Magick. The only exception is that darker symbols are sometimes involved. We do not consider these evil or harmful, as there is no ill intent towards anyone - they are simply a means of strengthening and connecting with the self on all levels. Vampirism is quite natural to many aspects of the psyche with which we desire connection. The Path of Evil in an initiatory context is not in reference to moral or ethical pursuits or aberrations, rather one of Adversarial Focus by such God forms of Antinomianian or Sethanic (Set) assumption-separation from the natural order.

frozen silence:
The practice of holding the body in one position for extended amounts of time is very significant. The self in a ?still? or ?frozen? state is often an avatar of building and controlled energy. When an individual controls their thoughts on almost every level, holding the point of consciousness between lines of almost subconscious existence, then the mind is at the threshold of magick and sorcery. This is why I have always relied on physical exercise and training as a stepping stone towards magickal practice. The mind on the conscious levels works extremely fast and remains intent when one is engrossed in physical activities such as hiking, swimming, climbing, running, weight training and such. A good time for sigil workings would be when one is focused on pushing the body towards a physical point of exhaustion.

The practice of freezing the body in one focused state for an extended amount of time is suggested. Begin slowly until you are able to sustain for over one hour.

Find a comfortable and quiet area of your home. Arrange in the room a soft area to rest upon. Begin to freeze every part of your body until it is as still as a corpse. This includes your hands, eyes, mouth and facial expressions. You should not go to sleep or allow yourself to enter ramblings of thought, but focus and concentrate on the stillness and silence around you.

Try to persist with this method for a long period of time, keeping a journal based on this and other magickal training, studies and accomplishments. The magickal journal is a powerful tool and record, presenting insight into the great, vast subconscious and a record of the world of dreams. Try to keep two journals, a dream book and a general magickal record containing plans,exercises, accomplishments, astral contacts, rites, etc. This will aid in your personal development and the techniques in which you employed as a part of your day to day system. It is during this time in which you practice frozen silence that you will be able to lay a foundation for astral control, shape shifting, dream control and fully exploring the functions of your human body.

Yoga is the process of controlling the body at all levels. This requires a large amount of mental and physical discipline which, when developed, will provide a tremendous reservoir of magickal energy within the practitioner.

Karezza is a form of sexual magick, involving building up and controlling sexual drive for transferring to magickal purposes. It is used to charge a particular wish, or focus energy and bring it into manifestation in a specific form. Karezza is an ancient technique which requires an immense amount of control and concentration. It may include autoerotic methods (masturbation) which are implemented to reach the point of orgasm and shortly before the sorcerer stops and focuses instead upon the symbol of their intention. Once this stage is complete the sorcerer can enter a dream state in order to project the ideal envisioned. Karezza produces exceptional results which can provide an immense power base within the self. The practice itself also teaches discipline, control and mental strength. The essence of Karezza is that once orgasm is denied then this rampant energy
which the sorcerer is controlling may, during vision or dream, be fulfilled in another desired area. This method can also be used to contact a succubus or incubus and is a very useful technique
for purposes of evocation and invocation.

+from the book of the witch moon by Michael Ford.. other sources; nox umbra and the vampyre gates..

hope this will help anyone wishes to become a vampyre (SPIRITUAL VAMPYRE of course!!).. NOT THE VAMPYRES WHO DRINKS BLOOD.. hahahahah!!
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