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Magick Theory...

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Magick Theory...

Magick Theory...
Post # 1
I read something on a fantasy website sometime ago and found information holding some truth that i think to share with others. Before you begin to judge, just remember that true knowledge can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places.

I believe it's common knowledge by now that anyone can become an energy user otherwise what would be the reason for this website. All human beings have that spark within us that allows us to utilize the raw power around and within us. The Art of using this ability is commonly known as Magic or Magick(More correct spelling in my opinion).

A mage, sorcerer, witch etc learns to harness this power to change their reality to whatever they desire though usually this is something small. By this logic someone who has learnt to use magick should naturally be able to learn to,say, fly without any means of aircraft or trickery right? Alas, this does not seem to be the case. Most of the people here say that it is because a human being cannot bend, change, or manipulate the laws of nature.

The theory I have is that the main reason why such a thing is not possible is not because of the 'laws' of nature, rather it's because people do not believe that such a thing is possible. There are about 7 billion people on this Earth and counting you know.

As the majority of this number do not believe it is possible, it has thus been rendered almost impossible via the collective consciousness. It is that shared belief that shapes most of our reality and forces the fixedness of the laws, causing the improbability of such an occurrence to be very high.

This makes it that only powerful mages are actually able to cause such things like flight,transformation etc to actually occur, that or summon a really powerful spirit to cause it to happen. Most energy users nowadays work by 'going with the flow' so to speak. Rather than directly causing a desired effect, they influence the energies around them to create circumstances to bring about the desired effect e.g Example 1: Someone casts a love spell and Bam! the next day the target is in love with the caster, instantly. Example 2: Someone casts a love spell, after a certain amount of time the person breaks up with whomever they were dating because they found them cheating, notice the caster in a moment of vulnerability, falls 'naturally' in love with him/her, yada yada yada.

In Essence: the belief of human beings as a whole race is not something to mess with and would literally be equated to something akin to a powerful God(ess).

This is my theory as to why certain magicks cannot work and yeah, it may not be completely original but there is a chance that it could be true. Take it as you desire.

~Wolf StarVision~
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Re: Magick Theory...
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Are you saying we can bend/manipulate the elements?
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Re: Magick Theory...
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Yes! You are right on the money Wolf Starvision, tho I honestly don't recommend casting love spells as you described them. Love means much more than a lover... and yes, I can make a breeze blow hard, or soft so far.. I made a decision to be the first air bender some time ago.(catch up with me if you can!). please note I have been dealing with magic for many years, and the element of air for as long as I can remember.. read profile for details.
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 4
wolfstar wrote an excellent article. I agree with much of what he wrote. Many people think they will spend half a year, read a book about magic, slam twice in his hands, and they will come true spell ...
Magic is not a book about mermaids, and the Harry Potter series. Magic is quite another. Magic is primarily faith, knowledge and work on them.
There are many myths about magic.
A myth from the movies and fairy-tale books, an example of Harry Potter and the Mermaids. This is a real fairy tale and fantasy. It is just fiction and fantasy author.
Myth 2 which is under a foundation, but over time it is distorted. Here is an example of a Zombie. Some people ask about the Zombie and ask what they become. But in the nature of these zombies do not. And there are people who were immersed in a state very close to death with the help of voodoo ritual, and some drugs. The method of their production was exported from Africa and passed from generation to generation of witches. They, obviously, destroy that part of the brain that controls will, speech and mind. Victims can move and carry out orders, but can not articulate his thoughts. Films have created a myth about the zombies, and information on over there distorted.
3 the myth that people can fly. It's true. People can not fly, and can not fly novice wizards and witches to impose a spell. Can fly deity, higher power yoga which reached the highest stage of spiritual development, some very powerful witches and wizards (but there is very little). We who live on the earth can not fly like a Boeing, but the fact that some of us may hover in the air and break away from the earth at the time this is a miracle and not a myth. And science does not explain these cases and ignores. As well as ignores the cases where people live to 200 years old. I saw two people with a secret order the age of about two centuries. I was struck by their appearance. They had a kind of living dead .. They do not tell us about yourself and your abilities. This wizards and witches, too, do not give information about the powerful spells. This contradicts the very essence of faith and. What would need to get something to give in return. The most famous example, sell his soul to the devil. What you'll find in google is a remake. Then do not be surprised why these spells do not work. These skills are kept in secret and passed to the family.
In the end I want to say that the knowledge and skills to achieve the one who truly seeks and has a great desire and faith.
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 5
I want to say that whatever we see is going in the movie harry potter, is that possible in real life?
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 6
The earliest signs, written by human hand or carved from bone and wood, it had a magical character. The most ancient monuments of this kind belong to the Paleolithic and dated XVII-XVI for thousands of years before the RH
Rahill, I want to ask you, for you there is a difference between history and fairy-tale world of books?
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 7
Uh wolfstar NO, fantasy and magic are two different things and never will the two ever meet. Gravity is one law magic 'cannot' break. Witches could never fly not now not back then in the 'Age of Magic'....
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 8
An interesting theory wolfstar, though I doubt the laws of physics could be manipulated by the inhabitants of a single planet. I do agree with the idea that the Universe is ultimately a creation of our collective consciousness, which is essentially God.

However, there is one factor you are forgetting with your theory. While thought and intention can "warp reality" (in my experience it's been limited to probability, i.e. "making luck"), magick requires a "price" to perform, not unlike Equivalent Exchange in FMA (the anime forgets the catalyst price, however). One example is that lifting an object with telekinesis requires at least the same amount of energy as you would need to lift it with your body, with your concentration determining the efficiency of the spell. A "powerful wizard" simply manages to achieve 100% efficiency through concentration, which lowers the amount of energy needed. This principle places a general "cap" on a person's magical power.
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 9
wolfstar.vis- I have to agree with you there. I thought about something similar to that a few months ago. Not as far as to explain why flight might be too difficult though.

FaithSeeker- About the "cap." As you say there is a certain limit to what the human body can handle, but I believe that flight is within those limits. Maybe not as fast as an air liner but maybe as fast as you can run. It is physically possible to do the most amazing things with your body. You can do a one handed hand stand if you practice correctly, hold down two oxen going opposite directions, and even walk across fire, slowly. Of course I don't suggest anyone doing any of what I said unless you did the correct training.

Even if you can't fly, maybe you can use magick to help you jump higher till it's like your flying. Like how they do things in Chinese movies.

Just saying even though there are limits, there are almost always ways to achieve your desire within those limits. Like I can't fly, but I can use lucid dreaming to fly. So in a way, I can fly. Just not in reality.
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Re: Magick Theory...
Post # 10
Darkie...did you just compare magic with what they do in 'movies' ??
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