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scrying and fortelling

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scrying and fortelling
Post # 1
i'm an experienced meditator and have out of body experiences, but i really need to learn how to see things that are a bit more useful, does anyone know a way to enhance scrying abilities?
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Re: scrying and fortelling
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Just learn not to watch into things, but to gaze in them as in same time you try to keep your mind still ,calm and relaxed .That will deminish the work of the mind censor ,for when we are fully relaxed we are getting ready for sleep and to start getting in contact with our subconscious ,for this world not logical mind is needed .
Most people have problems to relax while life is buzzing around them ,so you may choose quiet dark place .It is good to have black bowl or cauldron filled with water and to place behind it a candle ,but in such matter that not a lot of the candle light is reflected on the surface .Just enough to see the surface of the bowl .The water and the bowl have same effect as black mirrors on our subconscious ,it reflects our inner world and images in symbolistic way .Once you get used to gazing you will be able to scry on almost any surface and during anytime .You will be able to see patterns and images out of nothing .

Use spring water or rainwater .
Put the candle in distance enough to see some light on the surface but not to see the candle reflexion in the water !
You can add small amethyst cristal in the center of the bowl if your eyes wonder ,but make sure you have cleansed it previouslly and even charged it with moon energy (second one is optional but it is good idea ).
Make sure you ground well after the scrying .
Do not try hours to force it .Get used to sit every time for about 30 minutes maximum .
As dreaming ,visions and so on seeing an image does not mean that you see the exact future or the answer exactly how it is going to occur .Our subconscious communicate with us using language of symbols and we need to work out what this symbols meaning to us is .However some symbols are universal and you can check them in dream dictionary in case you can not figure anything out of them.Try first to think and relate the symbols and only then consult with the dictionary .After time you will have your own meanings and relations .Like for example seeing a book may mean that you will gain knowledge or education .But sometimes as in dreams you may see something in exact way as it happened in further stage lately ,but do not count on that all the time .

Most commonly people scry in black mirrors ,black bowls of cauldrons ,but you can scry in clouds ,rivers ,lakes ,fire ,smock ,tree leaves and basicly almost in anything as long as you have mastered the gazing .I once saw images on sandstone bathroom tiles .

Also burning certain inceses such sandalwood ,lavender will help you relax .Some practicioners use peppermint essential oil in oilburner ,and some are using blend of frrankincense and myrr .

It is good idea to write down the images that you saw in special journal and add notes if you were right to get the symbols .In this way you can compare how many matches you had and with the time as a symbols reappear you will have your own symbolistic dictionary to which you can refer when it is necessary .

Good luck .If you have further questions let me know .:)

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Re: scrying and fortelling
Post # 3
thanks, that seems to make a lot more sense. To think I was almost going crazy staring at a flame for too long.
Thanks again
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Re: scrying and fortelling
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Scrying should be practiced in similar way as meditation .You should start with 15 min and try to add some more time if that is necessary ,but you should not force yourself at all .It is the same as if you try to force your creativity it just will not work very well .If you have zero results with fire scrying try water scrying or mirror scrying .Remember we all are unique and certain things are more natural to us than others we just must find what is that we attune into more easy .Try different kinds of scrying till you do not find this one which reflect the best your personality .Eventually you may get used to all types of scrying but the breaking point is to find what feels more natural and easy for you .
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