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i need my daughter to hea

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► i need my daughter to hea
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i need my daughter to hea
Post # 1
dose anyone have any suggestions as to what spell i would use to get my daughter to listen to me as i have to explaine why i had her taken into care 13 years ago, her foster mother totally messed her head up and filled it with so much nastyness if it were true i would shut the hell up but it is not so i am fighting so she now's what did happen , any ideas , as i need her to no before its too late, as i wont be around and she needs to understand the truth .
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Re: i need my daughter to hea
Post # 2
I dont know any spells but do know that if you sit and meditate and focus what truely needs to happen, because it may not be right now that you two communicate. If you focus on a true bond while you meditate it will happen at the exact right time. Just remember she is young and she may not see the importance in a true bond right now.
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Re: i need my daughter to hea
Post # 3
just do what you believe you have to do..

all truths will be shown in the right time.. ;)

sometimes, its better to use your own effort than using a spell.. trust me, its all worth it in the end.. all endings are always good.. if you think its not good enough, then it is not yet the end.. ;)

good luck!! ;)
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Re: i need my daughter to hea
Post # 4
You may also want to try a glamoury. Most glamouries are about physical beauty, but there are also glamouries which make you more charming or help you be listened to. I've used the latter before, and here's what I do;

Pink is a good glamoury color, so I chose a nice pink 7-day candle (those tall ones in glass jars that often have pictures of saints). If you can find one for the astrological sign of Leo (http://www.nu-botanics.com/index.php/indio-products-leo-pink-orange-7-day-candle), all the better as Leo is charming, captivating, and rarely ignored.

Holding the unlit candle I calm and center myself and speak to the God and Goddess from the heart (you can of course address this to whatever deity or angel you feel best). I share what I want to say, why I want to say it, and ask them to help me be listened to, to let me be worthy of listening to, and to help me find the right words. I address the concept of "make them listen to me" multiple times in multiple ways, as a form of correspondence.

Continuing my prayer I then take some rose oil (synthetic blend since real rose oil is expensive and unnecessary in this) and put a drop of it into the candle. When the candle is lit the oil will mix with the melting wax and ultimately be burned as fuel by the fire, producing a very steady but very mild rose scent - perfect for contacting the subconscious mind!

To seal the spell I take a little dab of the rose oil and make an equal-armed cross on my forehead while saying something along the lines of, "I know you will do this for me." Even when asking, a magician is confident, forward, and speaks with certainty as it is this confident, forward certainty which helps bring the spell into fruition. If I have any extra oil on my finger after the crossing I will rub it on my neck as a way to connect it with the throat chakra (energy center of communication) and for the practical reason of keeping the rosey scent in my mind.

I then finally light the candle, sealing the spell with, "In your bless'ed Names, Ameen."

Ameen is simply the Arabic version of Amen, and both are just affirmations, as is "So mote it be."

I let the candle burn as I am speaking (or writing or what have you), read things I intend to respond to, and when I am contemplating things I intend to say or write later. When I am finished I quietly thank the God and Goddess and snuff the candle by putting something over the jar (blowing candles out is generally bad).

I re-use the same glamoury candle until it is completely burned out, and I repeat this entire ritual (oil and all) each time I light it. Once the wick gets too low to light with matches or a lighter I use a nice long incense stick as an extender. I have found that plain yellow joss incense (thin yellow incense you see in many Asian temples and shops, and literally everywhere in Chinatowns) work very well because they typically have a very simple and mild scent which seems to compliment both the rose oil and the calmness needed to communicate effectively.

I don't know if this exact glamoury is what you're looking for, but hopefully it will give you a good starting point.
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