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Lesson 2

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Lesson 2
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Lesson 2
Post # 1
Orlog is a word that comes from the Northern Traditions. It is no longer in use and roughly translated means fate. That is about as close a definition you will get these days.

But Orlog was far more than this. Fate is something that cannot be changed, something that is pre-destined; karma. Orlog was never intended to be this; SO FAR AS I KNOW!

It is the very nearest term to a much disregarded principle and much un-believed truth upon which all of magik is based.

We, the proponents of this art, do not wish for things to happen. We do not fetter with wishy-washy weaknesses. We do the thing and make it happen and that is where Orlog steps in. It is a vibrant law.

'What you do and think today, and put in place with emotion, dictates tomorrow.'

That is it. That's Orlog.

If you few stragglers who don't think they are gods and demons who are reading these pages with an idea to get the idea, then this is it. Seriously if you do today what you want to happen tomorrow (a loose term) then it is Orlog that describes it by law. When you use emotion and visualisation it is Orlog that you are effecting.

Orlog goes a tad further and this is something I've had trouble to explain. It can change the past.

Look, I don't know how this works or even if it really does but I think I've seen it happen on more than one occasion. The only way I can describe it is if there was something out there that just filled in the blanks of the past. Sort of putting into place stuff that didn't happen and yet now could but without changing anything with great significance other than to the folk immediately involved. I call this the greylight from which I take my name but don't profess to understand it.

Having said that there is another profoundness that is often overlooked by the professional caster and that is the effect of spells on the world in general and this too is covered by the term Orlog.

Folk think when they do a spell that it is localised. It will only affect this person or that. Not so. Depending on what is intended sometimes the whole damn world has to change in various parts in order for the desired result to come to effect. I am not saying that if the spell has the best intention someone else would suffer (rather I have witnessed the contrary) but suggesting the wise need to know, or have some insight into just what they are putting into play.

With emotion and visualisation from lesson 1, regard Orlog.

The next will be on how to do a spell.

Go with grace you powerful folk.


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Re: Lesson 2
Post # 2
^_^ we are mirrors... and what ever movement we do will affect the world(s). Either be magick or the usual..
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Re: Lesson 2
By: / Adept
Post # 3
And here's Lesson 2, ressurected
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