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My first questions...

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My first questions...
Post # 1
I keep on having strange and un-rememberable dreams... they are all scaring me... when dreaming them I have strange questions... then, within a month later, whatever I'd dreamt and forgotten comes true... am I having premonitions? is there a way to control them so I can see them?

my second question:
I think my family has a lot of wiccan/witch in their bloodline, and doesn't know it... my mom can see spirits on camera, and i can see shadows of anyone I know who's dead who may be haunting the area searching for revenge... Even though I've only been wiccan less than a year, I've had things like these happen all my life...

I've recently been able to uncontrollably mind read what someone may say aloud in a minute to ten seconds, and think it's rather odd, it's happening more frequently now...

I've also been able to see the past of assorted creatures, I don't know how, and the visions are random, yet entertaining...

Do I possibly have wiccan bloodline??? these powers seem to come at random...

Question 3:

I have no spells to go by, but I can somehow chant and spells happen anyways... when looking at spells I decided to make my own since i had not the reagents... and they all work... I can speak with my goddess when I please, I can see ghost's shadows and tell if it's the one I wanted to speak to, and I really don't know how it all works.... Help???

Question four:

where can I find a pentagram necklace??? the nice kind...
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Re: My first questions...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to General Info from Welcome.
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Re: My first questions...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Question 1) How do you know that what "comes true" is what you dreamt about when you don't remember them? If this is true then, yes, (i believe) you are having some sort of premonition. To control them I would suggest you look into lucidic dreaming. That is basically coming to a realization that you are dreaming as you dream and from there you can control the dream to however you want it to be. To recall dreams I suggest that you get a journal and write down what you remember of your dreams, if any parts you do remember. And each night that you go to sleep tell your self silently in your mind or softly spoken aloud that you will remember your dreams. Repeatedly say this simple phrase until you fall asleeep. Do that every night and you should start noticing that you will be remembering more and more each time you awaken. It may aid in the process if you place an amethyst, or any other crystal that associates with the mind and dreaming, under your pillow.

2) Any one has the ability and chance to do such things; some are more naturally intuned; others have to work at it to attain them. You seems to be more naturally intuned. Try working on controlling your abilities and strengthening them. Now, whether you are have them by blood-line or not is debatable. Some say such abilities are not inherited; others say they are/can be inherited. If you want to know what of your family have been witches, wiccans, etc., just research your family history. Talk to your family members and see what you can learn.

3) making your own spell is the best way to go about spell. It's solely your energy, your intend, and definitely more personal; therefore, it's going to be stronger than one you cast that was written by another person. And a saying that holds very true is, "What works for others may not work for you." I, personally, believe that being able to see and speak to spirits of any nature is more associated with the use of your third eye; seeing with your mind. It's like your mind interprets and gives a nice picture for you to see and hear things. You are able to speak well with your goddess because you are closely connected to her, per say. This isn't a bad thing. Many people, my self included, speak to their (patron) deity. In a way it's like praying and talking to a friend.

4) You can find a wide assortment of great pentagrams/pentacle necklaces in this site's shop. Just browse through and see what's there. You may be able to go to various stores that have some good necklaces; some being, but not limited to Spencer's, Hot Topic, and occult shops. Many you can find have already been charmed or have been made for specific reasons, but you can always charge one for your own personal and specific intent.
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Re: My first questions...
Post # 4
Hi soluna,
1. OK, maybe the first step is to determine if you are really dreaming the future, or if you are just making really, really good guesses while in the dream state. Keep a log of your dreams when you get up. Then, on one of the minor dreams, do something different. Say that you dream you bought mint gum -- deliberately buy cinnamon gum.

My bet is that you are really just making good guesses, or that you are experiencing deja vu -- which is where the brain kind of hiccups and repeats the last few minutes of your life. You can't tell where it came from, so you think it's a dream.

If they are just good guesses, then you can deal with it by ignoring it, or taking advantage of it.

2.Wicca is a religion, not something passed on through blood. You have human blood, you have the blood of your parents, but not Wiccan blood. Saying that a person has Wiccan blood is like saying someone has Christian blood...which I'm sure you realize is ridiculous. Furthermore, there's no such thing as Wiccan magic since Wicca has nothing to do with the practice of magic. That's witchcraft, a magical practice that can be incorporated into any religion or none at all. Witchcraft is something that any human can practice through study and again not something that can be "passed on" through the bloodline. You can be taught by a parent, but you do not inherit it naturally. Wicca is a religion about worshiping the Lord and Lady of our faith, and not about magic, although many Wiccans are also witches. Beliefs are not passed on through the blood, but may be passed on through parental instruction. If you want to know if you have Wiccans among your ancestors, that requires that you do your own family history research. You only have to go back as far as maybe 70 years though because before that, Wiccans didn't exist. So, you probably won't have to look farther than great or great great grandparents because any further than that will definitely reveal no Wiccans.

3.Writing your own spells is what every practicing Witch aspires to. The ability to craft your own spells gives you an advantage over "ready made" spells you can find in other places. This is because you will be putting your own emotion and energy into the spell in it's creation... it will be more "special" to you, and that is the secret of casting successful spells.

4. You can check out sites which sell magick items, you can find it in SoM's virtual shop as well.

Bright blessings,
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Re: My first questions...
Post # 5
Oh, interesting.. good, I think I dont' have to worry about the whole tellign my family of bloodline crap...

I can only remember my dreams for ten seconds... and then they happen, and i know for a fact it hasn't happened before because I cant pull out the same, un-filled, notes page twice with my social studies teacher...

I suppose that making my own spells is nice... though it bugs me a bit :D

Oh, interesting... thank you
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