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Writing my first spell

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Writing my first spell
Post # 1
A little confused, I understand the law of changing someones free will, But in many spell examples I see the word or words make him or make her, Example make him see.. I too caught myself using that same sentence when writing my first spell. So my question is, If I use that sentence and what I want him to see is not a bad thing and will not hurt him, Am breaking the law of changing free will?
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Re: Writing my first spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Whether breaking any such law or not is in concerns with your beliefs, but if you are truly worried about doing so, then change the wordings to be some thing like "may he" or "show her." But to answer your question, it is likely it is going against free will. As I suggested just alter the wording so that you won't be forcing any one to do any thing against their will.
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Re: Writing my first spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I personally think people go to far with tiptoeing around effecting free will. We effect free will and our own free will is effected everyday. If we go against our country/state laws, we can lose our freedom (go to prison), if we go against our rules at work we can lose our jobs. If my daughter does something wrong, I will take privileges away from her and again, she loses much of her "freedom" to choose things. In relationships, many times we (even subconsciously) manipulate people's free will by effecting their emotions. Do we truly have free will? No. Unless you avoid effecting people entirely through magick, you will always be influencing them on some level that will effect them and their desires/life etc. Even if you don't touch magick, you will still effect people's will in some way. It's your own personal judgement to decide what influencement can harm and what will be harmless and whether or to what extent you are willing to go to succeed in your goal. Understand that tiptoeing around free will is as good as asking nicely, your success rate WILL be lower. So don't expect constant good results. Will you ask them? Or will you demand? You do both in real life based off circumstance. Magick is no different. It's you choice. But personally, if I'm going to do something, I want to make sure it gets done, not hope it will.
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Re: Writing my first spell
Post # 4

I somewhat agree with White here. To a degree of reason we do have free will, but that doesn't mean we are not surrounded by actions that result from an infinite number of possible situations or the fact that as an interdependent species, social creatures, we are heavily influenced by other people, circumstances, and situations all the time.

I suppose my opinion on the matter is that affecting free will is a personal and ethical choice a person must make. Some people individually and even some paths or traditions do frown upon the act of intentionally affecting the free will of others. However with or without magic we are bound to do that already to some varying degree. I think the intent of the ethical perspective on not affecting free will is about not manipulating someone or people in general in such away that it causes that person or peoples significant harm. But you also have to consider that regardless of what you do magically or otherwise there will always be consequences for your actions, whether they are positive or negative consequences is left to uncertainty. With that said I think most importantly that affecting someone's free will is a matter of individual personal belief. Regardless of it being a common, universal, written law or otherwise a ethical guideline some people may or may not abide by,

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to follow such a law or moral. Consider what you believe, why you would believe it, the reasons for doing so, and think about how it may or may not affect you or other people. Think about it like this are you a person who is willing to get something done because you want it so badly you'd be willing to obtain it no matter the people you affect, the consequences that may ensue? Or are you the kind of person who is patient, hard working, and thoughtful of others, enough to consider how it will affect them? So it really comes down to whether you care about other people, or if your just a greedy and selfish purpose, personally I am not judging either way.

Aside from talking about the moral implications of affecting free will, there is also the fact that free will is still just a concept and theory. There are many people who whole heartedly with out a doubt believe that we have free will. On the other hand there are people who will no doubtedly swear that free will is an illusion, a concept invented by man or whatever scores of arguments or reasons they make to convince people.

Locally thinking about it in an in depth matter you have to consider us as humans and think about our actions and why we do the things we do. Our actions and behavior are driven by motivation, a physical need or biological requirement, a emotional response or reaction, chemical interactions, our thoughts, our personality, and not to mention the countless interactions we have with other people everyday. With that said, does that mean we do what we do because we are driven to take an action either in response to something we need or want, or because we responded either emotionally or mentally. While that may be true, do we not have some sense of control on the actions that we take that end us up where ever we may be. Considering there is usually in most cases an infinite amount of possibilities to the actions that we take regardless of what motivation that caused the need for the action in the first place.

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