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Ranking System Info...

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Ranking System Info...
Post # 1

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation being spread around about the reputation and ranking system feature here on SoM. First of all it's still a fairly new addition as a feature on the site, and it certainly is not perfect. Nor is it by any means accurate.

I think that in my opinion the feature was meant to help members on the site by differentiating the plethora of sources of information within the site. A way for members to become familiar with members who are resourceful, informative, helpful, and have a general amount of credible knowledge as to determine whether the posts they make or the topics they discuss can be relied upon as accurate. Also to help identify members that are not sincere in the topics and studies taking place and those who are fluffy and or trolls.

It is important to know that this system is peer to peer, meaning that it is each other as members that operate this feature, There is also great debate and discrepancy about the legitimacy and usefulness of this feature. With that said it definitely has it's flaws. Some of them that have been widely mentioned are the fact that not everyone who can votes, chooses to vote. Secondly there seems to be issues with people inflating their ranks in a myriad of ways, some included making multiple accounts to boost other accounts. On the other hand there has been people going around asking members with voting privileges to rank them higher, and so on. This corrupts the system and renders it's intention completely meaningless, and personally speaking belittles those members who have earned their appropriate rankings respectively.

It is against the rules to misuse and abuse the system, this includes members of a coven trying to boost and inflate the ratings of it members. Whether this is done by one or several individuals or multiple it is against the rules and degrades the coven and what they stand for as a whole. This issue has happened on one or more occasions and has led to the coven being punished, with it's leadership either demoted, removed, or banned etc. Anyone within a coven, or otherwise should consider violating the system in any way is disrespectful and an offense to the coven, other members, and brings about consequences for more than just you or those involved. It affects each and every member of a coven and disrupts the fluidity and effective operations of coven activity and progress.

General Ranking System Information:

There ranking/reputation levels are as follows:

  • Fluffy
  • None
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Knowledgeable
  • Adept

Fluffy - are members considered to be members who are not serious or sincere in the discussions, topics, and activities that take place within the site. These members usually display intolerable and abrasive behavior either by commenting or posting questionable material with supporting facts or evidence. They can also display attitudes of superiority, overconfidence, immaturity, disrespect and so on. They also lack the willingness to accept or try to understand common and basic concepts and facts, or refuse to listen to credible sources of information.

None - this simply means that no one has yet voted on your reputation/ranking level, which is self explanatory.

Beginner - are members who are just starting out on the site, who shows adequate levels of interest and capability with the subjects and topics that are discussed within both public and or coven chat, and also the forums. They usually display eagerness and are willing to learn and listen to the different sources of information. While they may not know much these members are still learning or shaping their path.

Novice - these are members who have progressed from being beginners to members who show prominent progress and determination. They display consistent interest in their particular fields and areas of study. They participate in chat discussions and contribute decent forum posts. Novice members are usually very well informed and display a very well groomed nature of maturity and intelligence. These members are considered to have considerable experience and are usually very accurate and credible with their information.

Knowledgeable - members of this reputation and rank are considered very well informed and intelligent, they display prominent maturity, experience, and skill. They are usually very active within the site both in the forums and the chat. Their information is usually impeccable, resourceful, informative, and helpful. There posts can usually be trusted with efficiency, accuracy, and credibility. Members of this rank show their willingness to help those in need to help teach those interested and willing to pay attention, and to contribute their knowledge and wisdom to others.

Adept - these members are considered the most skilled and experienced members. Their information is usually always accurate, helpful, and brilliant. These members usually have dedicated their lifetime and effort to their areas of study and have made triumphant efforts to contribute and share their wisdom and knowledge with the rest of us.

How the the feature works and who is allowed to vote:

At the current time only members ranked knowledgeable and adept have the ability to rank any member of the site.

People ask how to get reputation on the site, well here is the answer but take into consideration as stated above that not all people that can vote will vote or choose to vote. However there are some of the common ways to get noticed and increase your reputation:

  • Consistently participate in chatter, take part in topics and discussions in various topics, contribute your knowledge and wisdom, opinions and beliefs into the conversation.
  • Participate in the forums by answering questions within forums posts, be credible, accurate, and resources, making sure to be creative and list your sources if using others' material.
  • Show passion and interests for the areas and subjects that your interested in.
  • Try to find ways to improve, keep learning, studying, and practicing; because experience makes a considerable difference.
  • Show respect and consideration for other people, listen to others when they talk, and consider what they have to say.
  • Keep making an effort.
  • Be as resourceful and helpful as you can, the more you show other people that you dedicated and you want to help others when they need it shows maturity, wisdom, and respect.
  • Last but not least, don't be lazy with your posts and words, if you have something to say, say it, but aim high and be impressive.

Keep in mind that again this system is and will never be perfect or accurate by any means. It is meant as a simple hint or guideline whether members and their information is worth trusting, whether people are credible and mature. It is also meant to point out members who are severely misinformed or disrespectful and offensive.Lastly know that these rankings and reputation does not count for much, it only means what you want it to mean. What's more important is the effort you put into achieving such reputation by displaying consistent mature, knowledgeable, wise, resourceful, and helpful behavior.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 2
Bless your heart for doing this.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 3
Thank you very much, it would really help people who do not know abot this system, and i would even post this at one of the FAQS of SOM.
No better information about this could be found here, so thanks.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 4
It is already added in some places, thanks again

Re: Ranking System Info...
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
i love it! and its very helpful and more people should read this!

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 6
Well done indeed! But I have a suggestion. Maybe a Master rank should be added, for people who are truly legends on this site, and have contributed not only what is known, but worthwhile and credible theories.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 7

Someone had to make this post... Members are indeed very confused about the reputation system and that eventually leads them to wrong conclutions.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 8
.... This whole time I have thought that Beginner was a higher rank than Novice.

Re: Ranking System Info...
Post # 9
how do you like level up like i am a beginner how or when am i able to be a higher grouping

Re: Ranking System Info...
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Nicely written post but wholly unnecessary. There are many others like it that were written when the system was released. All one has todo is use the seaech function to see that.

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