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bone manipulation

Forums ► Misc Topics ► bone manipulation
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bone manipulation
Post # 1
is osteokinesis*bone manipulation)real if so how do u practice it

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 2
No, it is not real.

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 3
I new one guy that was a santeria practioner, he & his teacher was healing a sick young girl that couldn't walk from russia , this was be done from florida with only her dress and she started to stand.within less than a month, yes bone manipulation is real,
how could someone practice magick if they don't believe in it..

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 4
What you are talking about is healing which happened to involve bones.

Osteokinesis would be telepathically controlling the shape and movement of bones in a way comparable to telepathically manipulating a flame in pyrokinesis.

So I say again, osteokinesis is not real.

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 5
Sorry my dear friend but osteokinesis is possible but just any skill all psychic abilities are learned or you jjust have the talent for them. For I have control over the air. The air and I are connected so when my emotions change so does the direction and fierocity of the wind.

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 6

Conman, this post is over a year old and all 3 members that participated in this topic no longer visit the site. Their is little reason to post on this.

Furthermore, magick will not all you to have these fantastical abilites. ChironJackal was correct in saying that osteokinesis was not a real thing. I can say with a good amount of certainty that you do not have the ability to control the wind, for if you did, you wouldn't spend your time replying to petty threads on a website that havn't been mentioned in over a year.

Re: bone manipulation
Post # 7
Sinx....as I keep saying the things i read here make me laugh...anything is possible...I belong to a group of people who at certain points of times can control the weather...they speak in different tongues and resurrect dead things...i have a friend who can make it rain..she is younger than me...one who when angry short circuits electronic appliances and cause them to burn out, another one who has the ability to mimic peoples voices to a tee....one who is into shape shifting...one who had a bruise on his chest that was black and blue and spoke in his language..put his hand over it and the bruise disappeared...these people don't go around bragging about what they do..but because you don't believe it is magically possible does not mean it isn't true...One of my collegues from a certain lodge enjoys drinking blood and is sensitive to sun light....you can tell me that this is not true and i would just laugh...one of these people got angry and the weather changed and ina clear sunny day the thunder was roaring, lightning flashing and the rain came...so what is your point....you can tear up other's for having their beliefs...but because you do does not make what you say is true...I was like you as well until i was initiated...so i don't feel freaky anymore...because you have an ability doesn't mean you are not petty...I for one am very vindictive and spiteful and because i have an ability does not mean when some one does me a wrong i will let them get away with it...this is my flaw...so I said all this to say I believe that anything is possible...the reason a lot of people don't see is because they are too closed off in their minds to comprehend...i am closed off some what too...but i am hoping to reconnect and be open minded so i can live and walk in the realm of the impossible....I believe osteokinesis is possible....

Re: bone manipulation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

Saying "anything is possible" is both naive and wrong.

You cannot manipulate bone through magick or through spells.

You cannot physically manipulate anything to such a degree using magick.

Magick follows natural laws and science, and does not go against it.

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