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Forums ► General Info ► Satanism

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How do I sell my soul to satan?
This is something I thought about for year. So I decided to do it.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 2
Well you could try signing over your soul because I do not suspect he'd buy it from you.

To sign it over hypothetically speaking you can try it similarly to signing off any other kind of property.
Write up a document with your intentions stated very VERY clearly as well as any terms or conditions.
Sign the document and burn it or send it away in whatever manner you see fit.

Of course you could attempt to research such a thing, but generally speaking it's a hoax type of deal.

My advise is if you want to devote yourself to Satan, then do it by learning and following the ways of any specific form of Satanism that which involves the worship of "Satan".
I wouldn't suggest wasting your time with selling your soul to him as if you expect him to give you something for it. I assure Satan is in abundance and has no shortage of souls he already owns.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 3
Really? Sell your soul to Satan?
What kind of nonsense is that?
I suggest you learn more about Satanism before going into stuff that is way bigger than you.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 4
A common belief in several forns of satansim is that it's most certainly a person's own choice as to how they deal with their own lives.
However, it is also against one the LeVayan laws to go about it in a stupid manner.
Suggestively, one should definitely consider other options for dedication.

Also, there are several variations and houses of satanism that condone such transactions. They are of course the more stereotypical forms which seem to be more glamorous to the troubled teenager these days.

Kids being kids y'know? I do of course agree one should know well enough what they're getting into.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 5
Of course, but as the author of this thread subjects that he wishes to "Sell his soul to Satan" Then they must be believing in Satan as Being, not just a symbol as LaVeyan does.
And hence I spoke out of the Spiritual Satanism perspective, which is Satan would not want someone to sell him their soul, on the contrary he would want them to evolve with that soul into godhead.
At least read about the different Satanic Cults, then see what you believe.

And if it was not clear enough, I am a spiritual Satanist.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 6
You don't need to "sell your soul" to him. Just summon him and ask him for a favor. Of course you will have to do something in return for him with equal time and energy. He is also busy a lot of the time, so make sure it is urget.

Dark blessings,
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Re: Satanism
Post # 7
Yes, as I implied you should understand what you're getting into. In some forms of Spiritual Satanism Satan is depicted as encouraging one to sell him their soul, others...not so much.

Like I said, don't do this because you want something out of it, it's risky business dealing with any deity in such a way. If I were you and just wanted to dedicate myself to Satan, I would dedicate myself, not sell my soul.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 8
Your soul is a canvas. Why sell it before you can even paint on it?
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Re: Satanism
Post # 9
I would like to correct a misunderstanding, Amity.
Spiritual Satanism does NOT think that Satan encourages one to sell their soul to him, nor does any of us does, infact we do not believe that selling your soul is possible.
Also we believe that if it IS possible Father Satan would not accept it, as his wish is for his children to evolve with their souls into godhead, therefor he would want to keep our souls safe from torement, thus not selling them to any diety.

As for the original poster of this thread, We do not yet know what are your reasons, of course you have complete rights for its privacy, and you may not answer, no one will critisize you, but then again, it would be much more helpful if we knew them, as the solution could be much easier and much less complicated, if not completely different.
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Re: Satanism
Post # 10
Hi Aron127,

I would second Colindocale comments.

The idea of Selling one's soul to the devil is more-or-less a modern fiction. It just doesn't happen. It stems from the story of Dr. Faustus and church-sponsored propaganda against paganism, the use of Grimoires and magic in general. It was later popularized or even romanticized by pop culture in the early 1900's.

The Grimoirum Verum deals with pacts with infernal spirits and the Book of the Red dragon deals with a pact with Lucifer but neither have anything to do with 'selling one's soul' to a cosmic evil.

One, however, can come under the influence of spirits. Someone might even suggest you (possibly) already are, if you are open to giving up your own self to a spiritual being you obviously know nothing about.

What about your life is so bad that you would become a slave for some vague idea of worldly power?

As an aside. Satan is an angel of God who appears in the old testament only a handful of times. He helps carry out God's wil. It is god, or YHVH of the old testament who is both Good cop and Bad Cop.

Lucifer, however, is a whole other ball of wax and is related more to enlightenment and liberation FROM enslavement.

You should really study, meditate and develope more of a center before hastily engaging in magical arts. There are indeed dangers, cheif among them is getting what you wish for. You have been warned.
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