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magic is a lie?

Forums ► General Info ► magic is a lie?
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Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 21
RevMarie, that was a very interesting interpretation of the biblical account of Satan. I liked it very much.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 22
First of all your pastor is only goinf off of what he hears about magick. He is being very one-sided about this. Second, magick is in every religion. It dosent matter what religion you are you can practice magick. Also dont let other people tell you what to do when it comes to spirituality. Everyone has there own path to follow. If you believe that magick is your path then dont succumb to the hollywood nonsense your pasture and parents put on the matter.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 23
Also, does God not give gifts to his people? Magick and Christianity are not good and evil. I think thank magick done through the power of God is a large part of Christianity. Catholics call upon the saints. Protestants have their prayers. Its still magick, just done through God. And calling upon an angel for protection is something that Catholics do all the time.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 24
On my opinion,Christianity is an offspring religion of Judaism,and Islamism an offspring religion of Christianity.
Judaism accepts magic,while both Christianity and Islam do not.
Also,the accounts written on Lucifer are only half of the original Jewish stories.
The story of Lucifer is originally,same story as Prometheus':
Lucifer was a great angel and loved humans so much,he gave them the only thing God didn't:The ability to think.God wanted humans to follow their instinct and obey the orders of God.For that,he was banned.
Some Greek myths seem to derive from Jewish ones,that are much older.
This aspect of Archangel Lucifer might have been removed from the later Bible/Qur'an so that there were no similiarities between Lucifer&Prometheus.
Note that in Judaism,God isn't merciful or kind,which is seen also in the accounts over Moses,when God killed all Egyptian boys.Christianity does not separate itself from these accounts and calls the same work of Jewish God work of Christian God as Moses is introduced as a prophet of God in Bible.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 25
Magic is 'very' real.....

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 26
Christian priests don't know snap about Magick. The priest never did any of that. He's just trying to scare you into being Christian.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 27
Your pastor sounds very unprofessional for saying such blunt things. If he were trying to convince you how wrong magick is, I find it odd that he would recoil from your protective charm. It sends a mixed message about his/their path being the higher one... apparently a path too easily tempted/pushed from.

If you're unsure where you stand, at least don't be bullied into anything. If you find comfort in your magick, don't deny that. Do you feel guilty about what you are doing? Let it be between you and God; maybe ask him for a sign?

Re: magic is a lie?
By: / Beginner
Post # 28
Or you could just lie and say you don't believe in magick anymore.It'll cause more stress,but once you get trust you can practice more openly,and like what white said, Christianity borrows heavily from magick, and pagainism.Heck everything borrows from magick, just as science and magick are so similar and plus,when he said "I'd wake up in the middle of the night floating" he was either improvising to convert you,or astral projecting or just plain dreaming.

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 29
Thats what i did

Re: magic is a lie?
Post # 30
Well, this is my first post in a while but lets move on. Magick is not evil nor is it good. Magick is energy and everything around us is energy. All religions have forms of magick themselves in different ways and veiws. Christianty and other religions have used many things with magick. Like: Gratitude and/or The Law of Attraction. The Christians even say that if you have gratitude the more things you will receive, but with no gratitude you'll lose things. Ask your pastor, "Isn't the miracles Jesus did was magick?" I think yes because he used the power/energy of the Universe or some say God through him. Even the bible saids he says "Thank you" either before or after he does miracles and that itself is gratitude. Remember that there are many different religions in the world and all is not bad. Take time and sit down with your family and pastor to explain different religions and views of magick. Explain to them things like, Jesus or how the religion of wicca is based on a Goddess. I hoped this helps you.

-Greatest of blessings-

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