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Christ's Universal Coven

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Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 1
The Jeslibrian Faith Is A New Order Of Witchcraft Led By The The Teachings Of Jesus Christ.

Like Jesus Christ, witches are miracle workers. A witch holds the divine power to manifest and heal and so did Christ.".... Reverend Marie Carew

Being a witch takes a lot of dedication, concentration and devoted practice. As a witch you must broaden your mind to all things seen and unseen. There are many witches that work alone but a great many more choose to have covens.

Even Christ made himself a coven of twelve Apostles. Being a Jeslibrian Witch means everyone is a member of one big universal coven. This coven is called 'Humanitys Coven'. and it is open to all those who choose compassion as a way of life.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 2
I apologize for excessive caps, but I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 3
You can not be the equivalent of Jesus, for he was part of God. But, you can strive to be like him, and help others through magick. Not a bad idea.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 4

Thank you for your support.

Jesus Christ cannot, personally defend, endorse or verify his political and personal standings on the issues presented in the Bible so therefore no religion has the authority to claim that they know what Christ believes.

The "Jes" in Jeslibrian stands for Jesus and the "librian" stands for those that wish to see Jesus in a liberal way, apart from the restrictive and detrimental teachings and interpretations of the original Bible.

Christianity is an empire that one cannot over throw with swords and weapons. It will take great deeds of compassion and kindness to build a new empire that will grow and surpass the intolerance that has been shown and taught in Christ's name.

To renew the balance of Christianity, one must offer a place where intolerance and negativity are not taught or accepted as moral and ethical emulations of Christ and God. Do not heed the words inside an ancient book, for words are only lost translations. Look to your heart for the meanings of Gods and Christ's intentions. Unless you choose the path of compassion, Christ's teachings will be lost to all.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 5
WHOA! Too far. The Catholic church is not intollerant. The others... (shrugs) I have no idea. But, as Catholics, we read the original translation with slight changes to help people understand what is said. We are free to interpret it as we please, and the priest often times helps us to interpret it in our own way.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 6
Anyone can be equivalent to Jesus.

Jesus Christ was a humanitarian prophet he was also a psychic with a highly developed conscious which made him acutely aware of all of the inhumanities around him.

Jesus Christ is a messenger of God in the same way that Mother Teresa, Buddha, Gandhi, The Dahlia Lama, Martin Luther King, Chief Seattle, Mohammad and so many more. Were messengers of God by doing God’s work upon this Earth.

These great philosophers may not share the same God, but they do share the same principles in their teachings. Each prophet and humanitarian preaches compassion and kindness as a way of life.
Applying Christ's teachings to our everyday lives is a simple process. All we must do is follow the humanitarian acts and deeds inside our own hearts, such as;

1. Easing the burdens of others with a word or deed of kindness. (Such as taking someone shopping or driving them to an appointment that they may have. Never show anger, be patient not intolerant. Give without asking to receive.)
2. Sharing money, food and possessions with those who are less fortunate.
3. Soothing those who are in despair or fear.
4. Comforting those in pain and sorrow.
5. Caring for the sick and dying by reading to the blind, translating to the deaf, running errands for the crippled.
6. Giving our time and our love to those who are lonely, while offering our talents and creative gifts to those who may need them.
(There are so many ways we can help others in need simply by
offering a ride to those who have no transportation, How many times have you seen an elderly person walking in the rain or snow or have seen someone carrying a heavy load? Do you think offering this stranger a ride may help their life burdens? How about assisting someone who cannot come up with the remainder of a grocery bill or taking over the care of a loved one, so the care taker can take a break from their daily routine, the giving of a hat, coat, pair of gloves, or shoes to those who may not have any or retrieving an item that cannot easily be reached, carrying a load that is too heavy to bear. Offering assistance when it is needed. Sharing instead of squandering.)
7. Never hoard money or possessions, if they can be put to use by
others who may need them.
8. Play with a child that has no playmate or just being company to someone that is lonely.
9. Give praise and confidence to the self conscious. Teach those who have no skill a craft.
10. Respecting all life while teaching others to do the same. Never treat others as if they were an inconvenience.
11. Plant a seed to create food to sustain a life. Bring someone a meal or a grocery order when they have little money and food or take them out to dinner and a movie when they have been home without transportation or away to experience the enjoyments of outside pleasures.
12. Be compassionate, understanding, tolerant and humane to all living things regardless of their differences.
13. Right a wrong, stand up for an injustice and learn from
that injustice so it will not repeat itself. Always be mindful that what we say and how we act today will soon be our past, but what we take with us from those moments, we will have to live within our future. Don’t let your words and actions haunt you.
14. Reflect before you speak or act by asking yourself: “Am I saying or doing the humane thing?
15. Give your time, talents and love freely and selflessly without expecting or wanting anything in return.
16. Make the unselfish effort to be the first one to commit an act of humanity, even when it seems all others are ignoring important issues and the inhumanities to life and to the Earth. When you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it in a proper receptacle, and recycle whenever you can.
17. Never believe what is told to you, even by the experts. Believe only what your clear conscience, common sense and humanity dictates. Do not let fear rule your judgments. Be strong. Be honorable.
18. Treat your body as if it were the vessel for the awakening of your soul and your entire essence. Do not pollute or harm it with drugs, tobacco or mind altering substances and do not allow your pleasures to be the harm of other life forms.
19. Love, accept and respect yourself always, for only then, can you truly love, accept and respect others.
20. Take care of those you love, until their passing from this Earth. Never desert them in sickness and never desert them in pain, or despair. Care for all life forms. Treat then with equal value and respect and care for the Earth as if she were your soul salvation.

Do all these things lovingly, kindly and willingly, without expecting or asking for anything in return. Surrender only to humanity and let it guide you in all endeavors. Reflect God's love and compassion through your acts of good will and kindness and know that once you do these things, you will be living the life of a true Jeslibrian. A follower of Christ.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 7

Catholics condemn witches and homosexuals to death. This is intolerant.

God cares not what man does. Man must care what man does. For there to be love man must act loving.

For there to be peace man must be peaceful. No matter how a human being interprets the Bible, the word of God is love not cruelty, intolerance or condemnation.

The truth behind all Bible interpretations is not conclusive nor is it an ultimate truth that all human beings agree on.Only the authors of the Bible know the true meaning behind the scriptures.

In the logical end, all meanings of the Bible are speculations and not direct knowledge.

If the Bible is indeed the one true ultimate guide to life then all life would agree on its doctrines and there would be no need for so many different translations. (The Great Bible, The Douay-Rheims Bible, The King James Bible, The New Living Translation, The Tanakh, The New International Version, God's Word, The Darby Bible, The Book Of Mormon, The Quran and The New American Standard Bible, Gideons and The English version.)

All of these Bible's were translated from the same original scriptures yet they all belong to different religions that alter them to fit their needs.
There are no true experts or theologians. The Bible is all conjecture, hearsay, speculation and individual interpretation. None of us know the actual gospel truth. All we know is our own gospel truth for the authors of this document are dead and cannot verify the words.

Even the original scriptures are not intact, nor are they complete. Some are even lost and will never be found , while others were so old and badly worn that they either could not be read due to fading inks or they crumbled at the touch of human hands.

If you do not interoperate the Bibles words in a compassionate and loving way, then you do not understand the truth behind God's actions.

The Bible was written by human beings it is a story that relays one human theory concerning the development of creation.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 8
Jesus was part of God. No one can match God. Your beleifs have some blurs, but the basic concept is good.

And BTW, God himself said that Jesus was his son. Therefore, he wasnt ordinary.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 9

Everyone is ordinary until they do something exrodinary.

We are all God for mankind created God and all mankind are the sons and daughters of the creator. God is part of all creation.God is the name human beings give the creator of all life.

God is a part of everything and a part from the interference of human beings and civilization. Since God is a part of everything, God cannot be convicted to, nor can God support any one individual principle, ideal, belief, or philosophy.

God, the universal creator, is not a part of mankind's mortal imaginings.

If you believe that God created the universe and that God created the Earth and that God created human beings and all life forms on the planet, then you must believe that God created EVERYTHING, which means he also created himself and there for he is part of everything in creation.

If God created All life, then everything in life came from the same source.

God created the Earth because God is part of the Earth and God created the homosexual because God is homosexual, God created the straight man because God is also straight, God is a witch, because he created the witch, this is why God uses magic and witchcraft to rule the land.

God created all life to be both good and evil because God is both good and evil. God is the All and All is God and since God created Jesus, Jesus is also the ALL.

If God did indeed create us, then before we are born,God knew the path that each one of us would take and therefore whether that path be witchcraft or priesthood, homosexual or heterosexual, God made us in his image and therefore God sends us here with his approval and his unconditional love and acceptance.

God is tolerant of everyone and everything God creates for everything God creates is part of God, that includes; Witches, Psychics, all religions and Homosexuals.

God, the creator of ALL life would never want his creations tortured, condemned, terrorized, killed or harmed is a human misconception thought up by individual human minds. These actions are not thought up by God, nor are they God worthy.

God Did Not Make Man In his Image. Man Made God In Man's Image.
When speaking of God, many human beings feel that God selected humankind as the superior race to dominate the planet, but this isn't true.

Taking God for what God truly is, you must first understand creation.

Creation existed way before the concept of God was even conceived. The concept of God came from human beings. Before God was invented creation had no name at all, it was just there.

All human languages and words were created by human beings.

God is a human word and just like our human language, God did not exist until human beings brought God into the world from their imaginations.

God is a title that human beings gave to the creator of life.
Science is the reason for all creation and man's higher conscious and imagination is the reason for God's creation.

God is whatever a human being believes God to be. Whether God is absent from an atheists mind or present in the imagination of a believer, God is a part of mankind. God is not a part from mankind.

Man and God are one and because man named God as the creator of all life, Man and creation are also one. This is called the interconnected web of existence.

Everything that is created is a part of everything else. There is no superior creation.

Re: Christ's Universal Coven
Post # 10
Ok now this is just getting dumb. No offense, but alot of what you are saying is rubbish. What your saying is that if I make spaghetti, I am spaghetti. You could not be more wrong.

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