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Abaddon Demon?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Abaddon Demon?
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Abaddon Demon?
Post # 1
Long ago I ask for my sister about what was haunting her. I been talking back and forth and for some of the stuff I know she was able to confirm. My sister said that her son sometimes does stuff that he does not remeber. He was looking up pictures to help show what he be seeing. My nephew says he can see spirits at times something whipser him in what is going to happen. On ceiling over his bed he notice a picture and what he found out was 'abaddon'. Looked it up online. My sister is freaked out and not sure what to do, but afraid if she moves it will follow. So far the few things that my nephew has not remember was whispering words (when ask to repeat what he said, reply i said nothing), throwing bell weight (missing a mirror but leaving imprint in the wall), and choking one of the dogs for no reason. My nephew told his mom that when the times come they have move out of the house and cannot go back in. After what ever happens my nephew said if they try to go back in the house, they will be killed by unseen/unknown force. Every few weeks keep telling my nephew the day is coming closer for that to happen. I know of stuff will happen but later this year. I have ways to stop it but going to be messy for myself. Any suggestions or ideas to help with this?

Also my nephew sees a half wolf-half man spirit, wolf head and human body. Head is grey and body has orange and white. Half wolf/human been following them around from one house to another. The other spirits is a female in room that is enraged but cannot leave the room. Room has a hard to see picture that is set in the mirror, more pictures are hidden in the mirror (I know this from asking a good spirit). In another room his sister sees a old man in her room that does nothing. For my nephew birthday last Sat. My nephew and friends sense something strange in the garage that gave everyone goose bumps and felt like someone was staring at them through a window with no glass on the window. 50 ft-75 ft away from the house.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 2
Well most demons often look like normal people when talking to them in the astral. And demons often make you work for a name instead of just out right give one like most entities because they often pop up to teach opposed to actually haunt someone. To be honest a majority of spirits have better things to do than haunt people for no particular reason. Chances are you're dealing with something claiming to be something its not or its a thought form that has gone haywire. Also keep in mind you'll only see a spirit as to what the mind can handle as well. However in my experience with entities they would rather mess with your psych opposed to anything else. Spirits can not physically kill. Sure they can move stuff, a shove, here and there and screw up your electronics, but choking a pet is a bit over dramatized. As I said before I honestly do not think you're dealing with a "demon" but a lower entity of some sort attempting to make a name for itself.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 3
I believe this is a high but more deadly demon or devil something not to be taken lightly. From a few days since my sister took me and looked it up online about abaddon. Some of my views in how or even what to come is talked about abaddon from wikipedia. Some similar views or vision as some will say. I am looking for suggestions to help my sister so her and her family will be left alone from spirits. My gut feeling is this demon or what ever you want to call it, want me and using my sister family to get to me. I know when I visit her I will meet abaddon and be changed but not sure what will happen after that. Call me what ever but that is why I am asking for help, ideas, or suggestions before the next step is taken. Unclear for the end result if any.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 4
If you are sure it is abaddon be carefull because if memory server he is one of the high lords of hell. So if it is him you may have problems i would bless the house with holy water or have a priest anoint it. Do some research on previous owners cause it could also have been a ouji board

Re: Abaddon Demon?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

I would do what ronin says and bless the house with holy water. Do you or your sister know the history of the house? Because it sounds like there may be possible deaths in there. If you feel it wants you, then you need to go in there and sleep for a few days to see what it is the spirit exactly wants. Do go in empty handed, I would be prepared with tools for protection and maybe even banishing if you can do it. But, definitely for protection.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 6
Yes go in prepared to do a banishing ritual

Re: Abaddon Demon?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

Woops, I meant to say, *don't go in empty handed. Sorry.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 8

Abaddon is the demon of the void.

He is also ranked among the highest in the hierarchy of Hell, which is stated not just in the Christian belief system, but others as well.

You will want to steel yourself if you're going to banish him. As he is the demon of the void, his hunger is endless. It will not be an underestimation to say that it will take everything you have to get rid of him, if it is actually him you're dealing with.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 9
Abbandon is the king of the "abyss" not "void" nor does he hunger for all sorts of destruction. Most actual demons don't. For that matter he goes back to a warring deity and the order mantle. I won't disagree that he's a very old being and grumpy but violent in nature no. This is why the Goetia is highly inaccurate in describing the beings in it. So is the upper keys of Solomon for that matter. The Goetia was written from various works from the dark ages and swings from the Christian perspective. Like a majority of demon and angelogy. Keep in mind that the demons in the Goetia are old pagan gods and a lot of shared aspects between entities and collective consciousnesses. This was one method used to convert people from one faith to another.
From personal experience I've never seen a "demon" with eighty heads and a billion eyes all the shade of crimson. However, you can't say its one being or another from just a picture. Because of the idea that people have on what a demon should look like has been strongly corrupted due to changing of time, movement of various religious perceptions and people misinterpreting what they saw. As I stated earlier actual demons do not just give out their names, as a part of learning demons will make you figure it out like any other entity.

Entities and doesn't matter what they are can not physically kill you. What can make them dangerous is the fact they can and do mess with one's psych or mental state especially if you're not ready to handle them. However getting physically harmed other than a slap or a shove is about it. They're astral beings not physical. Simple shielding covers that and if you're uncomfortable with any presence simply use a banishment with sage, some sea salt, and be firm when you ask it to leave. That's it.

Re: Abaddon Demon?
Post # 10
  1. Abyss: A deep immesurable space, gulf, or cavity.
  2. Abyss: Anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite.

Those are the two top definitions of the word 'abyss'.

  1. Void: An empty space; emptiness.
  2. Void: A gap or opening.
  3. Void: A vacancy.

Those are the top three definitions of the word 'void'.

The word 'void' and 'abyss' are interchangeable. The statement "Abaddon hungers for destruction.", or anything pertaining to him desiring destruction was not mentioned.

I apologize if you mistook what I said as "Be careful! He'll kill you and steal your soul, then destroy everything with his 800 physcially manifested tentacles!"

Clearly, he can not do that. Like Ygg says, spiritual entities are just that. Spiritual, as whispy as air. Albeit, air that can sometimes push.

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