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Starting Point

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Starting Point
Post # 1
I am new to spell casting. What are the basic things I need to DO,
in order for one spell to work? If I spell out the spell (like
right now) of those spells that only needs me to speak the spell,
will it work?
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Re: Starting Point
Post # 2
The only thing absolutely, possitively necessary is for your will to be focused. Using appropriate stones and herbs will lend some of their inherent power/nature, but it's not required. The appropriate smells, sounds, symbols, and incantations are primarily there just to help you focus.

Therefore you only need those things which get you into the right mindset, which help you focus, and which help you take the ritual seriously and let you have faith that it will work.

The only way to figure out what really works for you will be trial and error, probably mostly error in the beginning. It's how you gained every other skill isn't it? So don't worry if it doesn't work right away. You're sure to find what works soon enough.
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Re: Starting Point
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Very well put Chironjackal. Also being the nature of what a spell is that it's using energy by sending it out to make changes, it will be rather beneficial to get into learning and practicing energy control. When you dissect a spell down to the fine components, we see energy being used in one way or another and various tools and optionals as Chiron stated. Even the use of voice is a tool because of the simple matter that not all doweled require vocalising an incantation. It's just another means as to help guide the energy being put into the spell. It is also beneficial be clear about your intent and not let other thoughts and the like intertwine with your intent for the spell. This is where meditation plays a role. Through meditation we can gain control over our thoughts; especially of those rand pop-up thoughts. Meditation is good to do before casting a spell for the matter that we clear our mind in the process of meditating to help us keeping in mind only the intent of the spell.
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Re: Starting Point
Post # 4
Vanitys Fire just brought up a fantastic point - the value of meditation really can't be understated.

Due to our evolutionary niche, humans have extremely distractable minds. Once upon a time this was what let us notice every new sound or smell that might have warned us that something was about to rush in and eat us. Not much of an issue in most of the world anymore (we're looking at you, India) but we really haven't evolved away from it. Moreover, modern technology with its channel-surfing, constant commercials, pop-up ads, cellphones, instant messengers, and web-browsers with multiple tabs... we've really encouraged the heck out of this tendency. There is, in fact, very little in modern society which encourages single-minded focus.

Unless you're especially gifted or have meditated before you'll find that your mind will probably wander after five our so minutes at best. Just like screwing up your first spell or two, this is normal. It's a learned skill, but is totally worth developing.

Also be aware that some forms of meditation may work better than others for you. If visualization or guided meditations aren't your strong suit, try zazen (sitting and staring at nothing). Zazen too boring? Try Hatha yoga (this is what you think of for "yoga;" sitting/standing in funny positions). Not limber or strong enough for most yoga asanas? Try a moving meditation - popular in Zen Buddhism it involves doing a simple task like walking or sweeping and attempting to be aware of nothing but what you are doing. Those really good at moving meditations will develop a weird/impressive ability to recall several details of their activity, like the exact number of trees you walked past (without actively counting, of course).

So go on and pick a few meditations that sound interesting/easy and a few simple spells and give them a go. Provided you don't do something crazy like decide to summon a demon, you'll be fine. Even if you were to completely fail, worst case scenario would be nothing happening.

We'll be here to help you with problems, answer your questions, and celebrate your successes. :)
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