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Aid to Healing

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Aid to Healing
Post # 1

Hello, i thought i would make a short post on how to use energy for healing, since this is coming from my expericence, i will try my best to explain as simply as i can. Healing can be used in so many different ways and methods. Healing goes back a long way in many cultures. Indians and Native Americans used there energy also to heal others from sickness or injuries. But they also used special herbal mecidine that is very strong. They use there mecidine from nature. For me its energy and energy alone. Also please note this is from what i believe in and how i do it. I know everyone has there own beliefs and ways of doing things with magick and energy.

In like so many ways, i use energy mainly for healing of illness or sickness which ever you may call it. I use my direct energy and send it to the person who may be ill. I just had an experience yesterday when i was trying to heal one of my friends who is a guy that i really like and he likes me and really close friends right now. And hes been a little sick. Even know he was not around me at the time. I thought of him all the time so i thought this would be the perfect time to get rid of negative or ill energy. Extract it from them. Since the moon is wanning phase at the moment, last night i meditated and relaxed my body as much as i could. I had my attention on my frirend in my mind the whole time. I also visualized white healing energy flowing/leaving from my hands and body to the direction where ever he was and i sent it to him. It probablt took about 28 miniutes or so for my body to start tingling all over. I also used cinnamon incense to aid in healing, i also used my blue candle and white candle for healing purposes.

After a while though, i started to feel good and happy, and i feel that it has worked. I know i believe it worked because of the energy that i was feeling. I also asked the goddess to help send my healing energy to him and exctract or get rid of any bad or illness energy he may have had. I thought i would share my post. And what your thouhgts maybe, have you had any experiences with energy and healing? This is my first time doing this for a friend, so it dose feel good to me. Now iam not sure to know if it did work, but i feel that it did work because i have faith and i care about my friend a lot.

If you want to know how to use energy to help aid others, then using your own special healing energy is the best i believe. All you need to be able to do is just meditate, relax your mind and body. Focus on the person you have in mind who may be sick. Use your energy to send out to the person who is sick.

Blessed Be

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Re: Aid to Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Although Native Americans did use herbs as medicine, their healing mostly used tobacco "remade" as a catalyst for their spiritual healing. Its nearly impossible to "remake" tobacco in modern times because the process is lengthy and complex. I personally use oils instead of remade tobacco as my catalyst. It works very well for me. I smudge myself and then "wash" my hands in a hand ground dry mix of sage and sea salt before any serious healing.
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Re: Aid to Healing
Post # 3
Nightmoon, I enjoyed your post very much as I am a healer and have been since birth.Thankyou.
Blessings and peace:
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Re: Aid to Healing
Post # 4

Thanks guys for posting, i think i may just start practicing in more healing area also. And work more with my energy i also use it for others who may need it and thats true WhiteRav3n. ;)

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