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Question about a spell

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Question about a spell
Post # 1
The "Very Powerful Wish Spell" is written with a candle and matches but in the direction neither is listed as what to do with them. Even tho I am suppose to burn the paper - it doesn't say with which one??? Does it matter??? I am trying to get an object returned to me when it was on loan to someone and they said they would store it for me. I have been asking for it back for 2 months and they still have not given it back. The item is a forest green wrought iron queen bed that I bought 12 yrs. ago and I call it my divorce bed because I bought it after my ex and I split up. The bed was in layaway for 6 weeks before I could get it and I slept on a couch to do so. I thought it would be my last bed ever so now I am sad and intent on getting it back. I could go to court and I would win but they will just lie and say they don't have it and I would get money but I don't want money, I want my bed back! So, now I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Question about a spell
Post # 2
Your question/request is two fold as you've got both a legal and a magical option. Any and ALL paperwork regarding the 'storage' if any will help. Also anyone who can 'verify' that this was a 'storage' item and NOT a gift will also sway this person. She 'must' like it too. Someone must 'know that you lent this item to them. A mutual friend might help. Short of that then maybe a spell will help.The candle one is easy, write your wish on the candle ( preferably a long one as it will burn for 7 days ) on it write : Bed of mine come back to me, truth is what you now will see, refuse to give what is mine then trouble will be now thine....Place this candle on a picture of the bed ( or a reasonable facsimile) each night for seven days ending with the full moon for about 15 minutes with you meditating on the bed coming back to you. Use a white candle and on the full moon night bury it where it will not be disturbed when the 15 min are up !!
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Re: Question about a spell
Post # 3
Thank You Spellcaster 1. I will try this spell. I have emails between the person and I definately stating it was a use and store situation. The person's adult grandson is using the bed and is the one who is making this difficult and the other party will not stand up to him. I threatened them with police and court because they refused to talk to me about it, and evidently made the situation worse, so now it is a matter of wearing them down but they think I will get tired first. I told them that I will never take them to court because the bed is mine and will never be theirs. The court will find in my favor but will give me money, not the bed and these people will feel justified in what they are doing. So I will not give them that satisfaction. They my be in possession of my bed but they will never "own" it and they will forever know that they stole this bed from me. Thanks for your help!
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