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Understanding Magick

Forums ► General Info ► Understanding Magick

Understanding Magick
Post # 1
I have thought long and hard on whether I would post this. I have decided that I will take whatever consequences may come my way on this but it this message must be heard.

Hello my fellow occultists, witches, wizards, shamans, practitioners of the craft, beginners to the wise and practiced. I come before you all today to address a topic of which I have a strong opinion and desire to speak of. Not only so but I believe this topic must be addressed so that those new to the craft may come to understand the truth rather then a falsehood that leaves many practitioners discouraged, offended or hurt. And I apologize in advance to all those who may be offended with my message. I mean no harm in my message, I only wish to teach a message I know to be the truth.

The topic I am speaking of is possibility.

So many practitioners believe so much to be impossible. So many believe it is impossible to attain such extreme desires or even simple desires, attaining love through magic, to control the elements, to do what we see in movies, to accomplish what we see in our childhood dreams.

I say now in the boldest and bravest voice I can. These practitioners are wrong. There is no such this as impossibility, there is only improbability. And by improbability I say this with the thought that no matter how improbable or extreme it may be it is still possible. The possibility may not be known to us at the current time but we all know that it is possible to do so.

It breaks my heart each and every time I see someone who is new and optimistic to the craft to be shot down by those of us who have been here for months, years, or even decades. If I have learned even one thing over all the years I have spent learning the craft, it is that there is never a no when it comes to the magick of life.

Who are we to say we know all avenues of the craft? Who are we to deny that it is possible?

Years ago a man named Christopher Columbus was met with feirce opposition by his colleagues and peers when he spoke of the world being round. Yet today we all know the world to be round.

The Wright Brothers, Leonardo Da Vinci, Igor Sikorsky all thought to be mad men for believing that aviation and flying were possible. Yet today we do what our forefathers dreamed of, flying through the air, sending messages across a vast network of energy, meeting people from other cities and countries across the world (I thank Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Wosniak, Steve Jobs, and many others for this one).

Siddartha Gauttama, Jesus the Christ, Muhhamad, Moses, all doing that which was thought to be impossible. From so many before me I know that we should never excuse something as impossible. We ourselves are proof nothing is impossible. We are, as the bible states, what God calls a Perfect creation and placed as wardens of earth. I believe this to be true. Because each and everyone one of us has endless possibilities and beauty resonating within us and out of us. We create what has never been seen before, and we can continue to do so for all time.

All of us here at this site, especially the experienced practitioners I speak to, have seen the truth of magick when much of the general public believes it to be false we know it to be true. So much we accomplish which cannot be explained, recorded, or has not been proved and yet it is done. So I ask all of us who have closed our minds to the possibilities to open them once more and embrace the fact that anything is possible. We may not know the answers now, but we can find out together.
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Re: Understanding Magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I wouldn't go so far as saying I believe your right or wrong as who knows. I'm a person who likes to believe that anything is possible but also likes facts, which is contradictory I know. If nothing else I want to congratulate you on your bravery in making such a post. Maybe your wrong, maybe your right, but either way such strong conviction and faith is a good trait as long as it doesn't blind one. Even if your views differ from others remember to see both sides and understand why the feel the way they do.
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 3
I liked your post:) and i dont think anyones guna disagree. WERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY. However, its not always the way we expect! Keep up the good posts, Im sure u have plenty to teach:]
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 4
I like your post a lot, although I do tell some of the newer members claiming to be werewolves or other creatures to give proof or I'll call them fluffies.
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 5
i am new to this stuff, and know almost nothing about magic, i have always been interested in magic, bu i have been told over and over that its not real, and tht its impossable, but i never stopped believing. i still need to learn ALOT about magic to understand it, but this was very inspiring to me....i will never stop believing that all of this is real, and this helped me to make this decision=)thank you.
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 6
I'm happy you all took so well to this. And yes, the human will is an amazing trait :D

To quote "There is no lost cause if there is but one fool left to fight for it"
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Re: Understanding Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

This is an old post I made but I will reference it again. I'll be quoting it directly to save me from needless repitition. Be sure to remove any links that may pop up in the link:


"While it is nice to say motivational things such as " there are no limits but what you put on yourself" I do not think that is always practical or rational. We, as humans, have set limitations. And so when it comes to magick, we have limitations there as well. (And I am not referring to magick's limitations: I believe magick has a potential far above our own). People argue that belief and willpower can alter this. " If you just believe it will work, it will! " or " Well, you just didn't put enough will power into it... are statements I've heard frequently

Self limitation is not the only type of limitation. Because we are human and we do live in this plane and we do live on Earth: the laws of physics, quantum mechanics and other laws apply to us. Would you deny that gravity is an active force, capable of being seen in our day to day life? Pick up an apple and drop it. Did it fall to the ground or float off? A good deal of these laws and applied theorems are observable in everyday life.

And while people like to try and separate science and magick: the two can go together. You do not have to pick either or. And while either can be taken to an extreme, if you hold a sensible view of both it does not necessarily conflict. A quote from someone on the site, today actually, said: " Science and Magick are the same thing, though one is physical and the other not... Science is the physical aspect of Magick and the latter being an etheric form of the former ."

Perhaps some of these things *could* be possible one day, but currently we do not necessarily posses whatever it is that would make them so."

I do agree with you that it is not right to shoot down new members who have high hopes or dreams. I really do not mean to be discouraging when I say that some things are not possible."I think through study and observation we can understand the way things function better and grasp an awareness of the world around us. I truly believe humans to be capable of amazing feats. I believe magick to be potentially limitless, though our use of it may not be so. I believe magick to do wonders as well. I am also not saying that belief is not important. It is! Belief does hold its place in both science and (especially in) magick. Belief can be a good thing."

But the truth is tough to face sometimes. And if you tell someone that "anything is possible" they have a tendency to take it too far and turn fluffy rather than learn. Because we are not capable of current things, that makes them impossible. There are set limitations as we are human, and being so we are affected by the human condition and not capable of current things *right now*.

In the end, people will believe whichever way they believe and I do not think arguing either side will really change anyone's opinion on it. It is one of those things each individual must come to terms with. This is simply my expression of my opinion. Take it as you will.

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Re: Understanding Magick
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Vers, I admire your tenacity, but I would like to point out that of all the amazing people's names you mentioned their were millions more who could never do such things. Genius is born not made. Enlightenment is achieved through hard work and dedication, not dreaming and hoping.

However "possible" something may be doesn't make it probable, nor can everyone achieve it. The ones who did worked extremely hard and even suffered to reach the goals they did. These are not things an ordinary person is willing to go through.

Bring up to someone new to magick that to gain such abilities they must go out into a desert for 40 days, or sit under a tree for a week, or toil endlessly day in and out sleeping for only 45min intervals. They won't! That is what Jesus, Buddah and Leo did! People are lazy and would rather dream than do for their goals.

So yes, I will say it is impossible because if they picked up books and used their own minds they wouldn't have to be sitting on a site like this begging for answers to "what is possible?" For them, it is impossible because they want everything served to them on silver platters. Every single name you wrote decided that they would find their own ways, they wouldn't follow anyone elses ways, and they would get it done no matter what the cost. And many died for it, many failed, and those aren't the ones you hear about is it? Food for thought.

I'll continue telling people what their limits are, because if they had the potential of surpassing those limits they would be here to learn how to better themselves spiritually, not how to get what they want in life.
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 9
Point taken, Discovering and rediscovering truths each and every day :D
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Re: Understanding Magick
Post # 10
What is magick, though? What is it defined as?

I believe magick to be 'the task of creation, manipulation, or destruction of the things from three worlds (Earth Realm. Astral Realm. Spiritual Realm.) that has no general make-up and thus happens without perfect scientifical reason)

If a person took a lighter and went back a thousand years, the person would be considered a God; being able to make fire freely. It would be believed to be magick at that time, yet us right now know that isn't exactly true.

Magick is like advanced science, for a lack of comparison. I suggest reading "Physics of The Impossible" by Michio Kaku. There is really a very, very VERY limited amount of things that can be done -never- in human future. However, there is not an impossibility of fireballs, teleportation, and time travel. They may be impossible for our time-period, but give humanity a thousand years, and I bet it'll be common knowledge science.
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