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Name: BrimSnake
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You can call me Brimsnake, Brim, Joe, whatever floats your boat. Chosen Son of the Council of Earna. Formally Imwizardj, now Brimstone Snake (BrimSnake here). My old account got hacked so I am switching over to this account now, any information you see on my old account has definitively been changed since the time it was left, so pay attention here for info. Still, before that, I've been here since '06, although on numerous, forgotten accounts. I'm part Italian, French and Irish. I'm in the process of finding a religion that fits best for me, but for right now I guess I'm a Celtic-Druid who believes in Jesus and God. I acknowledge the presence of all the other Gods and Goddesses but I necessarily don't worship them. I don't know, I'm still trying to find my 'perfect' belief haha. I respect each and every religion, no matter what they are. I do NOT hate witches or wiccans or anything, contrary to bigot belief. I've been practicing magick since I was around 10 and have been studying and practicing as much as I could since. I don't know everything about everything and admit to it fully, but I try to help others as well as I can with the knowledge I have at hand. The main types of magick I practice are Combat Magick, Prayer, Enchantments, Protective, Rune, Herbal and many more. My elements are Air, Water and Earth. I don't really seem to go as well with fire as with the others. I feel rejuvenated and great when a gust of wind hits me, I jump into a pool of water or enter a forest. But, catching fire just doesn't have the same 'tingle'. I practice and study energy manipulation, spells and rituals and am willing to try out some simple spells for you, just message me and I'll tell you if i can/am up to it. Have a fine day and blessed be! -More coming soon- One worded messages such as 'Sup' 'Hi' or 'Yo' will be deleted and ignored. If you need help or are new, send me a message and I'll get back to you. I swear this site needs a 'sent' box... A little riddle: "The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place. What am I?" . . . The answer is the letter E.