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Help interpriting dream?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Help interpriting dream?
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Help interpriting dream?
Post # 1
Hi everyone! I could use some help interpriting this dream. I know it would be easier if you knew me and my life better, but it would still be nice to get an outside opinion.... So i was at my house, and my ex was there, but not for me, he was there with friends about to leave (My ex left me three months ago, this is the first dream ive had about him since..) I wanted to egg his car before he could drive away. I went inside to find that my bro had just cooked all but one egg. I grabed the egg and several random food scraps, wich i then through. I saw a little girl (who I thought wasme, but looked nothing like me) eat a scrap of meat that i had thrown. Later, I was at my old highschool (out of school for several years now). My ex was there two, and we were both menoring younger students. I may have talked to him for a second or two. Then we were in the highschool hall. He left to go to class, and i stole his coat. I covered it in glue as a form of revenge, but he came back in before i was finished. I put the coat on his locker, then sat on top of it, (the old class clown was now next to me..). He walked up, and i akwardly handed him his coat. Any ideas of posible meanings? Im sort of emotionaly involved in the cotent...so it would be nice to figure it out. thnx!
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Re: Help interpriting dream?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
it sounds like you're not over your ex. not that you still love him, he did something to you that's so bad you feel you didn't, i don't want to say revenge, but level the field maybe?

the house represents yourself, since it's your home it's security. i'm guessing you ran into the kitchen for the eggs, three things stand out, the need for change, nurturing and healing. eggs mean change too. your childhood self, or the child, you're trying to shield yourself and want someone to protect you. in regards to the meat, was it raw? it means something else if it was, to eat meat you'ew getting to the center of an issue. [together, it could mean you've been protecting yourself from these feelings and you're opening up to them]

the school could be either a spiritual lesson you must learn, or feelings of inadequicy and childhood fears. to be teaching someone you're passing on wisedom of a pass experience. [so, learn from a past mistake] the hall is like the meat, was it empty or crowded? the hall is a path of self discovery and/or your ability to share and get along. stealing represents you feel deprived, someone took something from you and you want things to be equal. it taking place in the hall, it kind of contradicts being able to work things out, but being in the high school, does a little [upset] how the coat is, also, would help, but it's a symbol of protection. putting glue on the coat is a way of trying to fix and restore what has been lost or broken, so i'm guess you felt safe or at ease with him and you want things to return that way.
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Re: Help interpriting dre
Post # 3
wow, u r very good at interpritation, u culd put frued to shame! lol. the meat (i think..) was raw, and the halls uncrowded, until the part were he game and to his locker, and i handed him the coat.
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Re: Help interpriting dream?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
lol, thanks, i've been interpreting dreams since i was a child, my grandmother always said the woman in our family were psychic through our dreams, so i did my best to remember, interpret and control my dreams. personally, i'm a follower of Jung's teachings.

raw meat it's your raw emotions and the knowledge that you will have obstacles to come across that will be very difficult in order to achieve your goal. this goal is probably linked to your emotional struggles when coupled with the rest of your dream.

in the crowd you may find the answer, who were in the crowd, or what they were doing may help you or you could feel you need space and time to reflect and think before moving forward. [by moving forward i don't mean moving on, while you should, you need to figure out where to go from here, back to your ex or take a new path.]
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