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Black Magic or What ?

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Black Magic or What ?
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Black Magic or What ?
Post # 1
I'm going to tell you a real incident which happened with a friend of mine recently. She is suffering from a spinal cord from the month of December. She and her family had consulted several doctors, several tests were also done but shockingly all tests were completely normal and the doctors couldn't understand the root of the disease.

A few days before, from her wardrobe fishbones and dry chilly was found. Even two ripe limes was found from the entrance of her house.

Then a few later, 11 sharp rusted blades with turmeric on it were found from under the bed. All these materials were burnt in the room.

One typical similarity was that all these elements were placed on the right side and consequently her problem is in the right side of her body.

If anybody has any suggestions or wan't to give any feedback on it are most welcome. She needs help
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Re: Black Magic or What ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Personally, I'd find out who in my house was practicing magick with ill intent toward me and punch them in the face...but I'm not suggesting your friend does that. Personally, I think too many people use magick as a childish crutch to "get back" at people that "made them mad" and should learn to handle their problems normally.

Look up uncrossing spells, find one you like, and then she should wear a strong amulet of protection charged properly.
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Re: Black Magic or What ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
And to answer your question, I don't like using the labels "black" and "white" but yes, everything you described can be used to curse. It sounds like new orleans hoodoo. The rusted knives (war water is rust water--iron nails placed into rain water or urine until they rust), the chile powder (cayenne is heavily used in banishments and curses). I doubt it was tumeric, but even so tumeric is a hot spice, and all hot spices can be used to curse. I'm not sure about the limes, I know limes and lemons have attracting properties but also protection however, I'm not sure of their significance in hoodoo. Was there anything inside the limes/cut into them or shoved inside? That would make more sense.
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Re: Black Magic or What ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
A lemon can be used to sour or break a relationship of any type. Generally in hoodoo being a friendship or couple relationship.
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Re: Black Magic or What ?
Post # 5
Lemons are used to absorb negative energy. Many cultures string lime and chillies together and hang it outisde the door to prevent negative energies and bad luck from entering their premises. And is usually changed once a week or when the lemmon and chillies begin to rot.

A lemon when passed around someone's head or over their body,seven times, especially while they are asleep,absorbs negative energies that may be cast upon him. Post which, the person performing this ritual is required to go to a crossroad or a busy street and leave it over there.

Another way to uncross negative energy using lemon, is to cut it in to halves. Hold one half in your right hand and one half in your left and throw both pieces in the opposite directions by crossing both your hands. Ofcourse after passing the lemon around the affected person, the ritual performer should not look at the person or turn around before cutting and throwing the lemon.

What happens to the lemon (cut and uncut) that's thrown away? The next person touching, usually by accident and often stepped on, is believed to take on what was banished from another person. Ideally one should bury the lemon so that it doesnt cause inconveniences to others. Some people place the lemon strategically to cause mischeif, which is what I think has happened to your friend

Lemon can also be used as a poppet to harm someone.

The use of lemons is pretty common in tantric magic.

Do what white raven has suggested and if I were your friend, I'd find out who done this and bind the person or persons, so they cannot cause more harm. No I wouldnt let them know that I know who they are, that would be stupid.
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