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Chosen to become a witch?

Forums ► Introduce Yourself ► Chosen to become a witch?
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Chosen to become a witch?
Post # 1
Was I uniquely chosen to become a witch? or was my experience just mere coincidence. I want you guys to decide....Four days ago I released my cat outside at night then returned to retrieve her. I called and whistled for her but to my disappointment, my cat did not return to me...instead a peculiar black cat ran to my door.

I've only interacted with this cat once or twice but I've never called it by my pet cat's distinct whistling call...while I waited for my cat to return this black cat purred affectionately and tried coming into my house a few times but I blocked it from coming in. My cat later on returned to me and I came back inside.

I've never really thought about becoming a witch before but I decided to research on black cats...this curiosity that drove me to research was unlike me and I later stumbled upon spells. I preformed a depression relief spell (for my friend), a glamour spell for my appearance, and a luck spell. I'm not sure if any of my spells worked or not but when I picked up my cat for the first time ever she scratched me in the face! What exactly did I do wrong? Have I tampered with unknown forces? Do you think that the black cat's weird arrival on my doorstep wasn't just pure coincidence? I need help. Thanks everyone :)
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Re: Chosen to become a witch?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Signs are what we make of them. If upon experiencing this black cat you assumed it to be a sign (felt it instinctively) and felt the need to investigate and research, then believe in your own intuition.

Black cats are messengers. They are believed to be more deeply connected to the spiritual. Cats in general are, but black ones more so (based off myth). This began in Egypt where cats were associated with Bast. The idea that they are associated with witches more so than any other animal is false, and no more true than to say we run around in pointy hats and fly on broomsticks.

A black bird may land near an individual, and due to their own interpretation, it could be seen as a sign of bad luck or tragedy. But it could land near another, who associates black birds as messenger, magick, the mind, and deities and this could be taken as a great sign from higher beings.

Is one wrong and the other right? No! They're both right. Why? Because signs will occur to someone of belief based off of their belief. They will see these signs because their intuition works through their subconscious, and they will only see what interprets their intuition. Black birds could be landing near them every other week, but it won't register to them until they're looking for answers.

No one just has a cat approach them and then jumps into magick. You had to have been consciously or subconsciously desiring that change and the cat was your confirmation to do it. When you researched black cats, you only accepted the information that registered true to your own instincts, and ignored any other detail that was not fitting to you.

This doesn't mean it is meaningless. This is the way signs work. Some may believe that higher beings control these things, but I really doubt they're sitting there controling animals and weather like puppets. But that doesn't mean we aren't influenced to be observant in the right places at the right times. My common sense tells me that the signs begin in you, just like tea leaf reading and scrying supported but not controlled by divinity. It is "inspiration" and "intuition". Signs are an everyday form of divination that only requires someone to be observant and follow their instincts.
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Re: Chosen to become a witch?
Post # 3
I actually just googled black cats on the internet. I read a few articles on magic and voodoo and found it interesting. I was in search for a way to change my luck after I met the cat and after I read the articles. The cat inspired me to seek out whatever enticed me to know more about magic. Thanks for your input.
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Re: Chosen to become a witch?
Post # 4
Life is full of mysteries. This is but one of them.
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Re: Chosen to become a witch?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
The black cat could merely have been lost, or just looking for food. Cats have no significance in witchcraft. (see the post by WhiteRaven.) It is the old "myth" of a witches "familiar", mainly thought up by Christians when persecuting witches hundreds of years ago. Many of the old witches, living alone, would have a cat as a pet. But a cat has no more to do with witchcraft than any other animal. All, including us, are creatures of the Earth.
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