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A bit about Iridology

Forums ► Misc Topics ► A bit about Iridology
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A bit about Iridology
Post # 1
I posted a quick exerpt about this subject on another account, but I figured I would share more now that I have my head on straight lol. Remember that you must look at all parts of the eye to get a clear picture. Just like any other tool, this is not perfect and cannot tell you everything about a person.

Iridology: Iridology by definition, is the study of the iris. Have you ever had that feeling when you looked into someones eyes, like you knew something about them or perhaps everything? This is because the iris shows a wide variety of information, in each intricate pattern, change of color, even pupil size.

The pupil: Many people know that the pupil changes in response to light, as a way of protecting our retina. However, the pupil also responds due to emotions, and as a reaction to our surroundings. When a person feels threatened, their pupils will dialate. This gives them a clear picture of their surroundings so that they can better react to an attack. They also dialate when aroused or excited. When only one pupil dialates, this is said to show brain damage, issues with nerve damage in the eye, or even a psychological imbalance.

The Ocular Aura: This is not an actual aura, but the outer edge of your iris. When the outline is bold and stands out against the white, it is said the person is closed off to others or separates themselves. When it seems to blend in with the white, they are very open and often feel others emotions and struggles as their own. This can be further broken down into sections, instead of viewing it as a whole. When white dots line up around this area (or sometimes yellow/brown) this is called a lymphatic rosary. White indicates that your lymph system is working a bit harder to balance your body function. Yellow and brown can mean that the corresponding area is infected or has a toxin buildup.

Sections of the Iris: This is a bit hard to explain fully, so here is just a basic layout. The top section of the iris (above the pupil) relates to the head zone of the body, mental function, self views, relationships, and dreams. The inner part near the side of the nose relates to your neck and throat, but also your ability to communicate. The outer edge towards your ear relates to your chest, the organs within it and your love life (not sex life >.>). The area at the bottom relates to your pelvis, your legs and feet, and the adjacent organs. The circle surrounding the pupil relates to the intestines, digestion, chemical balance, your ability to cope with the world around you, and your gut instinct. Here is a link that will show a bit more detail of these relating to health, not emotion. Some charts are different from others, so I am basing mine on what my family taught me, and the majority of charts.


If you look at the eye very closely, you will notice that there is a pattern to the underlying color. It will look somewhat like a knit pattern. When it is formed very tightly, this signifies that the person is strong willed and has a "good head on their shoulders". When very loosley knit (looks like lace) ther person is often weaker in character and of mind. These people usually are more daydreamers and do not live in reality so much. Some things can change this however. Holes can appear in the pattern of the eye due to injury, surgery or psychological/emotional trauma. If it is causing the person pain, it will often have white streaks near it or running through it. When a hole looks well knit, rather then cut out, this signifies physical or emotional scarring and it is often a past issue, not present.

Eye color: The underlying color of the eye has no significance in a reading, but specks and discolorations do. When a person has a large ring of color around the pupil, this often indicates a buildup of toxins. The more distinct the color, the worse the buildup is. When there is a foggy look around this area or breaks in the pattern, it can indicate that the person is not following their gut instinct.

A bright fleck in an area can signify a problem with the adjacent tissue. As stated earlier, white lines often show scarring, whether emotional or physical, in the area they are found in. An example of the emotional scarring would be easiest to see in the heart zone. If a person had a "broken heart", it may show as white lines, or rarely an actual gap where the heart should be. A gap would mean that they lost their love. This is only found in rare cases when someone is attached to a person on every level possible.

A ring of white halfway through the iris, and in a circle parallel to the pupil is known as a sodium ring. When vibrant it indicates both physical and emotional pain. Flaires off of this into a specific region would indicate that the area they point to is the cause of the pain.

A black "starburst" pattern coming off the pupil is not only rare, but of great significance. It used to be believed that this would only show in individuals with major psychological issues, such as shizophrenia. When prevalent only in the head zone, this is most often the case. When it shows up in other areas however, it can signify that the person feels disconnected to the functions of that area. For example, when in the heart zone, they feel unloved or the inability to love. When in the pelvic zone, they may feel they are the opposite gender (transgender) or that they cannot relate to people of their own gender. When in the throat region, they may have severe issues with communication. If you see these signs in your own eye, do not worry. It can just point to underlying emotional issues as well.

Head zone: This in my opinion, is one of the most important areas when it comes to reading a person. It tells you what how they view themselves and others, speaks of the vivacity of ones sex life and dreams, it can even tell what parts of their brain function on a higher level then others.

Picture the iris like a clock, with the 12 at the top, 3 towards the nose and so on. This will help you to split up the sections most easily. The head zone is the area that rests between the 11 and 1 position.

From 11-11.5 and down towards the pupil is the zone that shows a persons relations with others, and sex life. When dull in comparison to the background color, it indicates poor relations. When vibrant it shows a healthy "appetite" and relations with others. Dark often indicates a decrease in urges or reclusive behavior. Black would indicate a complete lack of desire to be with other people. White streaks through this area often show emotional scarring, most often from abusive realtionships.

11.5-12 will tell you how a person views themselves, and others. Most often it shows a good outlook on life and others when vibrant. Dull could mean that they view themselves as lower then other, or higher. This depends also on what the ocular aura shows in this zone. If the zone is dull and the aura is bold, they view themselves as separate from others, but better. When dull but the aura is blended, they view themselves as being no better then anyone else, if not lower. When bright with a blended ocular aura, their outlook on all is somewhat good and well balanced.

12 shows a persons physical life. How active they are and how connected they are to their life. Bold and bright in this zone shows they are well connected to their life, and not living in fantasy or having suicidal issues (usually). When dull it often indicates a disconnection from life. If their is a long black streak coming up from the pupil and through this, it indicates a complete psychological detachment from life.

12.25 to 1 shows a persons dreams and desires, and their mental alertness. When vibrant the person most likely has vivid dreams and a wonderful imagination.

There are many different zones, but I will save them for another time :)

So why learn all this? What is its significance in magic, and day to day life? Why did I even bother to type all this up (or the half a dozen or more to come) for that matter?

To me, the eyes truly are the windows to the soul. Whether you know it or not, when you look into someones eyes, even from a distance, it speaks to you. Not only can you tell different healt issues, but you can feel their emotion. You can often tell if they are being honest with you, but most importantly, you can see their strengths and weaknesses.

A healer that can read someones eyes is a wonderful example of how to put this to use. You might know a person is sick, tired, has pain in a certain region. Like any good doctor or medicine man, you would want to properly diagnose what is wrong with the person, before treating them. If they show symptoms of appendicitis, you could simply look into their eyes and see the "swollen" appendix zone. You might also notice a fog around the digestive area, because this is now irritated.

If a woman is pregnant, some people instinctively know by looking into the eyes, even at a point that doctors do not know yet. This is because the lower pelvic region in the iris bulges slightly. I actually discussed this with my Optometrist. He agreed that sometimes women have issues with their contac lenses because of this. You can also see general nutrition, through a healthy digestive area, and little if none of the lymphatic rosary showing. This is very benificial in pregnancy and at any point in life.

Beyond healing, how can this be helpful? From what I have learned and witnessed, the aura around a persons eyes is a bit weaker/smaller then it usually is elsewhere on the body. This makes it a good point to focus on when creating a "link". As my grandmum taught me, "trouble yourself not with the feeling of one creeping up on you, but a prod in the eye" ;)

When standing face to face with someone, we often use our eyes to convey what we wish to say. This can be done through movement, pupil dilation, brightness of their eyes, and even a lack of movement (staredown). People that are good at projecting their thoughts and energy can sometimes do so with just a simple glance or stare. Ever get that feeling that you heard someone say something, when no one was speaking, just to turn around and see someone looking at you? This might be the case. Often they do not realize they are doing it, or that you would even notice. Who outside of the magical community truly believes that others can hear their thoughts, or that you could send them this way? The stronger the thought or emotion, the more likely it will pass to that person.

Excessive blinking: This could be due to vision problems or something in the eye. Often times we do not notice we do this. Its main significance is thought. The deeper in thought someone is, the more often they will blink.

Pupil dilation: When a persons pupils become dilated and there is no bright light in the room, it often indicates excitement or arousal. It is caused by a rush of adrenaline that normally causes the "fight or flight" response. This action allows for better viewing of the surroundings, so that the person can respond appropriately.

Bright eye color with a high gloss can indicate a few different things. It often shows decent health. Often it shows vivacity and a good diet. Dull eyes often indicate being withdrawn, ill or having a poor diet and brain function.

Being able to identify what these mean can help you know how a person will act or respond to a situation. It gives you insight into what is going on within their mind. This in turn, helps you to make a decision on how you are going to respond. If you are arguing and the persons pupils dilate and their eyes either focus dead on you without blinking, or start shifting continuously, you know they are probably preparing to fight or flee. If your out on a date and the persons pupils dilate, yet they seem relaxed, most likely your charms are working ;)

If I can get a decent picture of my irises to share, I will show you a bit about proper diagnosis next time :)

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Re: A bit about Iridology
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I thought this post was really good. I knew eyes Were important, but I never truly knew how important until now. Good job!
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Re: A bit about Iridology
Post # 3
Thank you. Iridology and all studies relating to the human eye, is my passion in life recently. I have studied it for over three years, and will continue the tradition my family brought me for the rest of my life. I believe I will move on to study Optometry next, since there is not much else I can learn on this subject :D

Blessings xx
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Re: A bit about Iridology
Post # 4

Glad to see you doing a continuation on this, Angel. It's fascinating, really.

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Re: A bit about Iridology
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I have a question, though. With the starburst par, do you mean as in a bunch if lines coming from the pupil? I got a bit confused at that part
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Re: A bit about Iridology
Post # 6
The starburst is black lines radiating from the pupil in a straight line out towards the edge of your eye. Here is an example


There can be one line or many, and the position usually indicates where there is trouble :)
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Re: A bit about Iridology
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Thanks so much. That's what I guessed you had meant, but I would rather know for sure. Thanks again. :)
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Re: A bit about Iridology
Post # 8
Your welcome Amber :)
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